Problems with vesc

I have recently completed a build and I found the performance a bit underwhelming. I decided to optimize the vesc settings so I tried to connect my vesc to my computer. After a while i got it working so i decided to update the firmware. After this was done the board stopped working. It turns on but nothing happens and the remote controller connects. I dont get the same three blinking lights before i connect it to my computer. Right now i am basically stuck with a board that doesn’t work so any help would be appreciated. Another thing to note is that when i tried to measure the L&R the board shut of after the motor made a sound, everything is fine and nothing got hot.

Edit: I have had this thread up for 12 days without any response so i would really appreciate any help possible.

Post screenshots of your VESC settings…

You load the right firmware which fit to your hardware?

Hi, i am very new to the vesc tool. Where do i find the settings that you are after? :slight_smile:

I have No idea, This is what it says when i read the firmware of the vesc.Skjermbilde

Do motor detection and when it doesnt go thru, go to the terminal tab and write “faults”

how do you do motor detection. sry for being such a noob

Looks like you choose wrong hw😬

Which vesc you have? Or it’s focbox?

i have a TB vesc 4.12

That should be based on hw 4.12 You choose the wrong hw version while flashing firmware You can see it, it’s written 48 But there should be different versions be available. You need the one which fit to hw 4.10 4.12

okay, thank you. I’ll try that

In case you can’t reload your vesc you need to look here in the forum. Could be that you can load it with the bootloader and st link

I am very sorry to interrupt you and use more of your time, but I can’t find the correct firmware. I don’t expect you to answer but it would be great.

No problem. Where you got the software from? I mean where you downloaded the vesc tool? On your picture you sent i can see that the right firmware not in the vesc folder. Unfortunately I don’t know which folder it need to be (name and ending). So, my easy way would be, Ask here in the forum, or uninstall the vesc tool, Go on the official vesc homepage and download again the service software. Than open the vesc tool. Under firmware there should be not only 48, also 410,412 and some other hw should show up there. Try this. If that‘s not functioning let me know. I’ll have a look where to find the files.

Wow, did not except a response, this forum is great!!!

Thanks for the help…Honestly

I’ll try your methods :smile:

We are all here to learn from each other😉 If you have any question than don’t worry to ask.

okay, so i deleted the vesc tool and downloaded it again and this is what the starting screen looks like.Skjermbilde%202

Looks way much better You have hw4.12 if I remember right. So you need the firmware 410 411 412. Last one

Try to flash your vesc with it again