Program the vesc to play a song?

If the vesc had a memory then could it?


You mean like this.

Would be possible.

I believe it does have flash memory but I don’t know if it’s already full

Doesn’t the foc setup sound count? i guess its more of a note…

That foc noise is pretty horrendous but guess it’s music to my ears.

I wonder if u could throttle And brake and hear music or only stick to a constant output if u were riding. I’m assuming it could play while riding at a consistent amp rate and rpm because of the last video. Or maybe u could change the sound based on speed or amps. Would make a nice button on the remote. I want this badly. Do ringtones

This is the first ever ESC I had than doesn’t play a tune on startup. It would be nice since we can’t see the lights once its cased. I have mine in BLDC and there is NO sound at all…

Why not just put a Bluetooth speaker in the enclosure and listen to anything you want.

Then u know it’s on. I like the silence on start-up actually and the awesome light show but want to play sounds or music. Hopefully somebody who can do it will.

But to play a sound the motor needs to spin. And you don’t want the board to drive away on it’s own after startup. Actually it would be funny if it does and plays this song.


I don’t think it needs to spin in fact in my experience the motor is always not moving when it plays the esc start-up tune. These videos especially the last is a surprise and I think with the right programming you could maybe make it play whenever

We need some electronic experts here who deal with this on a daily bases… i also always wondered how do they make the motor to make a sounds as it sounds quite terrible if u start to spin the motor before it has played its tune :smiley:

The normal E Skateboard with remote is difficult to add music function.Because the speaker need comunicate with your cellphone by wireless.But all need wireless remote to control your motors This is the reason why no one add the music function on that. But now situation is changing. The control technology without remote is avilbal now. You can enjoy music when ride your E Skateboard.

The motor is literally behaving like a speaker when the other ESCs do it. Speakers are linear motors, after all. Except instead of speaker cones, we have motor cans. The VESC could be made to bang out a tune on the motor cans just like the FAVs or other ones do. It just hasn’t been done. The reason’s for which are anyone’s guess, mine is that vedder just never thought it was worth the effort when so many other things need attention.

I wish i could find a physics break down of what’s actually happening…