Programmable Bestech BMS

What about a BMS that is software configurable?

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I’ve been trying to find somewhere to buy that exact BMS, saw it used on some eBike forums.

Interested too. replying to get updates if It comes to a GB

New BMS just came out to replace this. It’s definetly meant for higher powered applications though. HCX-BMS-006


Can you direct link to the source or Dropbox link?

I got a quote on that one for 139$ a few months ago

$139 Yikes! Which one?

is it worth this? I really like idea of getting data from BMS and I thought I might be able to config it to bypass discharge.

I am wondering if it would be useful to change the overcharge set point to say 4.15 volts so that balancing would start before full charge of 4.2 volts per cell. Am I right that all other BMS don’t float until they reach 4.2v per cell? I want set my charger to 4.15 to save some space for regenerative braking but still have parallel group balancing.