Programming issue - board wont bare weight

Hey guys! TLDR: My board won’t go with a body on it

Today I upgraded the ESC in my storebought board (Path - Weekend Warrior) to the Flipsky dual FSESC 6.6 and paired it with the Flipsky VX1 remote. It wired up fine and I programmed it click for click using this tutorial.

Of course, I adjusted the settings to accommodate the battery which I believe to be 10s2p.

After programming, the board was able to go full speed with the throttle but “shook” when half throttle was applied. Additionally, the board could not handle the weight of a rider at all, it seems like it shuts down after a few seconds of applying power. Without a rider, the thing shoots off like a rocket.

I’m guessing this is a programming issue so please let me know if you have any advice or thoughts on what any other issues could be!

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there are a few things that come to mind.

  1. The motor / gearing ratio isn’t able to output enough torque at lower RPM to keep you rolling smoothly at the slower speeds.
  2. The motor current, or battery current or BOTH are too low, therefore not enough torque at low RPM.

Share a photo of your board, specifically the showing the drive train. Also, share a photo of your motor configuration & battery configuration settings.

Here’s a spam of the drivetrain and settings. I hope this helps you help me. Any advice is beyond appreciated!!

  1. You don’t have any sensors in the motor, so starting from stationary will always be a little jerky.
  2. also, you could try higher motor current, try 60A each motor.
  3. Depending what battery is rated for the battery current of 30A might be hurting the battery. Are they 40T cells? 10s2p is a small battery.

I have the exact same problem, if I go more then 50% throttle it will start jerking the board as if there is no power. I would love your help too

Once I followed Onloop’s instructions the problem was no more! so thankyou if youre reading! So give it a go Ayaan_s, if I had to guess (with my limited knowledge) I’d say upping the current to the motors is what helped. I think if the current setting is too low the motor shutsdown when it trys to draw more than the ESC allows??? Again I am new to all of this, but give his instructions a shot!

I was talking to another guy and he told me to increase it and I did but the problem stayed. Is it maybe because the recommended ERPM is 150000 but I’ve kept it at 110000? Should I maybe bring it back to the recommended 150000 ERPM?