Programming/VESC/Kick Assist

Can you program the VESC to kick assist like the mellow board with their endless ride mode? Such a cool feature, would love to implement it on my boards in the future.

Technically there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to program such a feature into the VESC though it isn’t an implemented in any current release of the VESC firmware and you’d have to code it yourself.

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Would it be hard to do? I am not getting my raptor 2 till the second batch, so won’t be able to work on it soon anyway, might as well learn now.

If you have to ask, usually the answer is yes :wink: What languages are you familiar with?

English, and not that well :slight_smile:

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LMAO, programming languages…

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I know, just not a programmer. Is it something that could be done with the android app?

No, you need to either modify the firmware or write an addition to it. You would also need to write your own Android app if you wanna tweak your modification/addition on the go

@lowGuido made a push assist board

I do think that this feature is available in Ackmaniac’s 2.54 firmware

Yea what about @Ackmaniac’s PID No Acceleration?

I’ve tried to set it up before but with no success

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I’ve successfully set it up, it works juste as you’d expect for me, kick push and then it’ll keep your speed as long as you push the throttle on your remote (but you could easily add some kind of pedal on your board to get rid of the remote)

That is sweet dude. So this is programmable with the vesc. Can you use the App for it?

Yes, you can use the app in order to switch to the mode “pid no acceleration”

Very interesting, that feature let’s you ride the board without a remote, only a pressure sensitive spot on the board. You could use this and a arduino nano to make a pressure sensitive “remote” under the grip tape.

and if you made it 250w limited it would confine to the manky ebike laws… but no one wants this reality! that said, I am surprised there is not a commercial board filling this space with a big Ad budget…

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you don’t even need to make it that complicated. just a simple button is all you need. I have one so small you can hardly even notice it.

right you don’t need to sense the pressure, only on or off for it to work. You could use something close to this and you are good.

yeah I use something very similar to that.