Programming Vesc X in FOC for Maytech hub motors

So I got the sensor wire adapters and have it all plugged in correctly.

  1. Since this motor is only 22A what should I set the motor max to? About 15-16A? What about motor min? Does battax/min stay same?
  2. What do I need to know when switching to FOC? Is it really quieter? Pros? Cons?
  3. How do I program the sensor values/settings?
  4. How pussy is this thing going to be on hills compared to dual r spec 6355?
  5. I just recently purchased the 12mm pulley kit for the R-Specs, any truck modification required? Thx Y’all.
  6. Looking for a set of Abec 11 Flywheel authentic 90mm. (Found on evolve Australia but shipping is ridiculous)
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hello have you tried FOC with this hub motor ? any feedback on your settings ?


yes. it runs great. the website ways they are only 24A but Alien power systems rates them at 50A so i raised the motor max to 45A and they run great, way more power. the wheel euro are pretty hard but that was expected… i would look into the torque boards hubs personally though, they look to be more efficient.

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Nice ! Do you use sensors ? I m waiting for 2 Vesc x to try this setup I need to finish my battery pack …

I have bought this hubs to ride while waiting carvon v3

the carvon v3 are going to come with custom abec 11 liquid attack trucks specially designed for his direct drive motors… he sent me a picture, they look bad ass now. stoked also

@on1y How was your performance with the maytech hub motors? did you use the 70mm or 90mm motors? I’m looking into buying a set of 90mm motors but I want to know if i’ll be able to get the speed and hill climbing ability that I want.

i sold em cuz they are not very great for hills. the website says they’re only 24A but I’ve heard u can put them up to 50A… on APS site, they say 50a… also the PU on the wheels are pretty hard. Also, the front two wheels didn’t match the same color as the hubs

Hi man, So are you sure its ok to set the min and max motor current to 50 Amp ? Will it burn the motor eventually ? Thanks or the review!

50 for max is fine. 50 for min would be a very hard breaking. start min at 25 and work up to confort

Thanks! ill try it


How are Maytechs holding up so far? Do they overheat much with double the rated cont current?