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Programming VESC

I have a space cell batter connected to a VESC and the VESC connected to the VCC channel of the radio transmitter of a FS-GT2 radio remote. The part of the remote connected to the trasmitter is on channel 1. Please let me know if that works. I know the next stage is to solder the VESC cables to the motor. Once I connect those three cables what is the next step? I was told I need to run a test using the computer but I have no idea how to do that or what that means. If someone could please give me some step by step instructions that would be helpful. What program do I use to run this test? Do i need to write my own code? etc…

Hi Arpitdave,

Check out the VESC fan’s here:

They will give you a better idea of how to set up your VESC.

You’ll need to:
-change the settings to the Space Cell recommended settings
-run a motor detection
-set up a PPM input (your receiver)

All of this info can be found in the FAQ’s!

For starters, I believe the VESC is supposed to be plugged into “channel 2” on your receiver instead of one.

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