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So im beginning a new build this time single drive. I just got my tacon 160 in and am trying to decide on an esc and battery for it. I’m pretty good with soldering so 18650s are an option. max incline of 20 percent however im really trying to run my electronics cooly. Constant speed of around 15mph with 83mm flywheels and 15 by 32 tooth gearing. This will be my transportation to work so I’d like to be able to safely charge at work without having to worry about burning the place down. 6 mile range is all i really need because thats all i need to get to work then i can recharge there(more is better tho). And finally id like to get a max speed of 20mph or more. Is this doable I could really use some help on this.

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Any advice that can be offered?

I am working on a build with the same motor. I am going with the VESC and my battery configuration is 9S. This motor is 245kv which is higher than standard. This means higher top speed and lower torque. If you check out Enertion, their boards run ~190kv on a 10s. The claim is that this setup can go 25mph+ and a 15mile+ range.

I have seen many people build their own batteries with the 18650’s and I am planning on doing this eventually in order to achieve a slim profile for my batter pack. For now, I am going with pre-built packs so I can carry extras with me. This will let me swap them out easily for twice the ride time/travel distance.

ill make sure to follow it then and thanks for the idea about 9s I hadnt considered that yet

The 9S is a very rare configuration due to its complexity. I am doing this to get experience wiring my first circuit. I am going to strip the wires off on 3 3S packs, re-soder and wire them into series. The most common thing I have seen is two 4S run in series for 8S.

just realized my charger maxes out at 8s so i guess im limited there

@chaka Do you think i should run 10 or 8s with my vesc with these parts?

alright just an update for those following i have a vesc on the way and am only left to decide upon what battery i want to go with any ideas?

You might be able to run the tacon at 10s. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks like it might work.

I might try it out then ive just heard that 10s is a little high for the tacon

OKP is running the tacon with a 10S4P …
He’s just finished building it but it seems to run fine

For french speakers (but you can get the specs easily) :