Project EASY DOES IT | Sk3 6364 190kv | VESC | 16ah 8s | 1:2 gearing

Here it is y’all! My very first build! I’ve been interested in building an esk8 for quite some time now and finally I found the time.

I wanted something with top speed (few hills in my area), reliability, and clean and simple.

I decided to fabricate my own motor mount from 6061 alluminum and attached it to an existing sector 9 32" cruiser truck I already had. I used 18:36T gearing and 83mm wheels so this animal flys! Custom abs plastic electronics case which will soon be sealed with silicone for a water tight enclosure.

Here’s my list of parts Sk3 6364 190kv 1:2 custom drive ratio 15mm gates belt 4s Multistar 16ah batteries in series VESC Quantum pistol grip transmitter and receiver. works great! simple cell voltage alarms which weren’t yet hooked up in the photo.

Let me know what you think!


Cool build… How does the voltage alarms attach?

Thanks a lot! Next I will build a compact travel board… stay tuned.

I just used pieces of velcro to keep it simple so I can still access the balance wires for charging


Haha how about a pic from under the hood :smile:

I 2nd that pic for under the hood.

Im not sure that’s a good idea :joy: Its a little tight but after 50 miles or so no issues… I will be adding heat sinks and a fan… If I find the room haha

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