Project esk8 | Dual Hub motors | 10S3P | VESC | Validation from the community?!

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the electric skateboard community and I would like some sort of validation from you guys. I’m currently building an electric skateboard as a project for my school. I have been reading a lot during the past month to understand the basic knowledge before starting anything. So here I am, a month later, finishing my design before building it.

Here’s my specs:

  • Custom camber symmetrical bamboo longboard
  • Dual Rear Hub motors (preferably Jacobbloy EMF Hub motors)
  • SPACE CELL 36V 10S Electric Skateboard Battery and charger (Enertion)
  • 2x VESC-X Motor Controller (Enertion)
  • 2.4 GHz Mini remote controller with receiver
  • Custom made battery cell protector

The total of build should be around 1200 $ CAD.

Here’s my 3D modeling on CATIA V5

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated, cheers!


Where are you located? I have some never used EMF hub motors that I don’t use because i switched to another project. I am in Germany

Edit: just saw the CAD…

  1. Why use the EMF hubs? They have a very well known problem with urathane slippage. @raphy is developing some new larger 100mm urathane wheels that remedy the slippage, pm him if youre set on using those hubs.

  2. EMF hubs on 36V would only go 18mph. Thats really slow IMO. (The 100mm wheels will help with this).

  3. $1200 can buy a pretty nice prebuilt complete, just saying.

For a little more $ I think the torqueboards 12S3P battery and some Carvon motors would be great options to consider.

Thanks @BigBoyToys for the comments!

Actually, I was looking for powerful hubs. I didn’t know there were other guys developing some new larger and less slippery hubs. Good to know! Also, I’m not looking for a fast build, more like a cruiser to go to school, climbing some hills and a good battery autonomy. Nothing too fancy.

And I know that 1200$ seems a lot, but I’m building it as a school project. I want to pick the best part possible to create the esk8 that I want. (my currency is in Canadian Dollars, so its around $ 900 USD)

I will also look into the torqueboards battery. Whats the big difference between the 12S and the 10S? Will I get a lot more range? I liked the small all-in one package from the enertion battery.

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Hi @Lukas,

I’m from Montreal in Canada. The popularity for the esk8 is growing pretty fast. If you have a better option for the hubs let me know. The EMF hub motors were build by @jacobbloy, but I’m not sure if he still makes it…

The torqueboards 12S3P battety has 6 more cells than the enertion space cell 3. The torqueboard 12S3P Battery has a little more of everything. A little more range, a little more torque and a little more top speed. It will also take up a little more space and cost a little more money.

Here are a few other hub motors on the market to look into. Carvon hubs Torqueboards hubs Hummies hubs

Hummie seems to be just weeks away from having something to show. It sounds like they may well be a very interesting prospect.

@BigBoyToys Thanks for the input!

The Enertion 10S3P is $329 USD The Torqueboards 12S3P is $425 USD

So for roughly $100 I would have a little more of everything. It would be interesting to compare both on the same platform to see the difference of range, power, acceleration, etc. Is it really worth it?

Also, do you have any informations on the Carvon, Torqueboards and Hummies hubs?

Hummie has hinted about what might be to come in this thread.

Or… if this is a school project… just build the battery yourself. The goal of school is to learn, no? The best way to learn is to do things from scratch. DIY Spotwelder: 80$ 36 Samsung 30Q Cells: 180$ Nickle strips + heatshrink + wiring: 40$ 12S Supower BMS: 45$ Total: 345$

And this 12s3p will get you the same speed and more range than the torqueboards battery, because 30Q cells are 3000mah each

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Yes indeed it is a school project and I want to learn as much that I can. My project here is to do a feasible concept in a month. I’m a mechanical engineering student, not an electrical technician. I know it is a relatively simple job to do and I don’t need much skills to do some welding.

So the goal is to present my design in a month to my professor. I do not need to present a physical product here and I’m not putting the manual work away by a lack of effort to understand, but to simplify my overall project. I do have a short schedule.

I do appreciate the information given!

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Thanks @bigben!

I have both batteties, if I could do it again I would have just gone strait for the 12S3P battery and skipped the space cell.

I also have Jacobs emf hubs, torqueboard hubs and carvon hubs. The Carvons have given me the least problems but also cost the most by far. The Torqueboards hubs were just re-designed for more power and reliability. I have the origina version and even those went 39mph and have plenty of power! My carvon hubs do about 30mph. My jacobs hubs never made it around the block with out the urathane slipping, screws falling out or motor over heating :(. Hummies hubs I dont own but Ive heard they are a good option. Im looking to try his newest iteration once available.

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I worked as a college instructor so I value creativity and ingenuity if you need anything I’ve developed I can get you the products at a lower cost as long as you mention credit for my work in your project.

Glad to hear the community is growing in Canada for this mode of transport.

I’d like to visit Toronto later this summer too.