Project Lite Electric Beer (PLEB) Build | Beercan Board | Single Tacon 245 | 10s 11600mAh 25C LiPo | Vesc | DIY Mech Kit

#Project Lite Electric Beer Hey Guys. This is my first build and I have done a ton of research in the past week. You guys have a lot of good info and I have finalized my parts list. I love longboarding and currently have an aluminium Beercan Boards Kegger DTP 40" and want to convert it to an electric board. I’ve seen it done before and the rails that go underneath seem perfect for mounting parts.

#My goals are…

  1. Top speed of at least 25mph but no more than 40mph.
  2. Range of at least 15 miles but 20 miles would be nice.
  3. Have enough torque to carry me (145lbs) up some hills.
  4. (optional) Look fresh

#My worries are…

  1. Will I be able to set up my VESC and charge my batteries without anything exploding
  2. Is my gearing ratio (36/16) 2.25 with my 83mm wheels going to pair well with my 245kv motor.
  3. Is my battery (Two 5800mAh 5s 25C LiPo batteries in series) going to carry me 15 miles.
  4. Will the Tacon Bigfoot come back in stock?!

#Parts ** :ballot_box_with_check: = BOUGHT**

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Board - Beercan - FREE
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Motor - DIY 6355 (230kv, 2650W, 12S, 80A) - ($90.00)
  • :black_square_button: Battery - 2X ZIPPY Compact 5800mAh 5S 25C - ($128.32)
  • :ballot_box_with_check: ESC - DIY VESC - ($99.00)
  • :ballot_box_with_check:#Mech Kit from DIY” - ($245.00) Mount - # Single Motor Mechanical Kit Trucks # 50 Degree TorqueBoards v2 Trucks Wheels # 83mm 76a E-Power Longboard Wheels (Black) Drive Pulley # 13T Motor Pulley Wheel Pulley # 36T Drive Wheel Pulley Belt # 280mm High Torque Timing Belt
  • :black_square_button: Controller + Receiver - WiiMote - $65
  • :black_square_button: Charger + Balancer - $30

Total cost : $657.32

Edit 1 (7/20/2016) Changed the motor to the DIY 6355 because the Bigfoot is out of stock.

What do you guys think? Anything I’m missing, any input at all would be awesome! Thanks.

My Board! The Beercan!


Oh that’s a sweet board, i’ve been wanting one of those. Alien Drive System sells the enclosure for beercan boards i believe.

i believe you get a little over a mile on 1000mah, i read it somewhere. so you might want a bigger battery. and you put 10S 11600mah but you’re only ordering 2x 5S 5800mah. which if you put in series, will give you 10S 5800mah, or in parallel 5S 11600mah. you’re gonna need 4 of them if you want 10S 11600mah .

im selling an unused tacon 245kv so hurry up if u want it

If u are using a vesc u don’t need the wiiceiver because the vesc will do the throttle smoothing so u can save some money there. And I am assuming that because your charger is so cheap it didn’t come with a power supply(which u need)… Anyway sick board!

I’d be interested. Where do you live? I’m New England.

I see, I did not know that is how capacity works. Do you think I could go up to 12s? The Vesc is rated for up to 12s and the Tacon is rated up to 14s. Would something like 2 x Battery 6s 10,0000Ah 25c in series be a good idea? I have heard that parallel is dangerous.

Thanks for the compliment on the board, it is awsome. Could you explain how the throttle smoothing works? I was mainly attracted to the WiiMote because of the cruise control button and small size, do you know any alternatives? Also, I am kind of unsure how charging/balancing my batteries works, I just put a guess on how much the charger would cost me, Is the power supply for converting the AC wall outlet to DC current?

2x 6S should be good. but you also have to consider the size of that and how you’re mounting it on your board, are you gonna have enough clearance with 83mm wheels on a drop through? you could also do 4x 3S depending on how you’re gonna place it on your board. you’d probably want bigger wheels.

im in the Uinted States

My board is a drop through but the rail system underneath allows me to top mount it also. That should give me a good amount of clearance. For 4 x batteries I’m just worried about parallel, is it actually safe to do?

There is no problem with parallel. There is only one thing i can think off: When you buy a battery with bms connect the parallel first and then the series but that is a different beer.

Looks awesome! I have a similar looking board, except for one modification; I sawed off all of the extra wood past the front and rear trucks to make it smaller, sexier, and to keep the bottom from scraping the ground when I carry it by the truck. Only issue is that because it doesn’t touch the ground when I walk, the grip tape end up rubbing against my pant leg and has already destroyed a $200 pair of jeans and is working its way through a second pair! Gah! I’ll pull some pics from facebook, I’m about to dart out the door for work.

This is before:

And this is after, trimming off all the excess wood. Probably shaved off at least a pound!

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So I received my mechanical parts and motor and mounted them on. I had some battery issues so I decided to go with a pack built by @barajabali. my board has a 2-inch gap under where the rails are and I needed a very thin pack to fit underneath. He is doing a 10s1p 8000mAh liPo pack that will fit between the rails of my board. All I am missing is the battery pack, VESC, and controller.

Here are some progress pics…

I finally got a workbench setup. Before I was using the floor of my bedroom.

Here is the drive train all setup. The trucks are mounted on Beercan Boards Truck trax blocks. They are aluminum blocks that slide on the rail system. I pushed the trucks out to give me a wider wheelbase. The WD-40 was needed to get the blocks to slide on the rails.

#Parts All Parts have been ordered!

** :ballot_box_with_check: = BOUGHT**

  • :ballot_box_with_check: Board - Beercan - FREE
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Motor - DIY 6355 (230kv, 2650W, 12S, 80A) - ($90.00)
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Battery Pack - Custom pack by @barajabali - ($420.00) Cells - 10s1p 8,000mAh LiPo - ($150) Bms + charger - ($115) Soft switch - ($50) Nickel strip/heat shrink/misc - ($30) Shipping + labor - ($75)
  • :ballot_box_with_check: ESC - DIY VESC - ($99.00)
  • :ballot_box_with_check:#Mech Kit from DIY” - ($245.00) Mount - Single Motor Mechanical Kit Trucks - 50 Degree TorqueBoards v2 Trucks Wheels - 83mm 76a E-Power Longboard Wheels (Black) Drive Pulley - 13T Motor Pulley Wheel Pulley - 36T Drive Wheel Pulley Belt - 280mm High Torque Timing Belt Wheel Pulley - 36T Drive Wheel Pulley Shipping - ($10)
  • :ballot_box_with_check: Controller + Receiver - WiiMote - $23.95
  • :ballot_box_with_check: 4 Aluminium truck blocks - $27.00

Total cost : $904.95


Looks good. Looking forward to seeing how the battery looks in place.

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Yeah, @barajabali is making it for me and he seems very experienced. I think the main problem for Beercan Boards is the rail system. It is a blessing and a curse because the rails allow for easy mounting of parts but they hinder you on the width of parts you can use. If you need more clearance for your build I really did like the Truck Trax blocks from Beercan Boards. They act pretty much like aluminium risers. They don’t sell them on their site so you have to email them. They are like $5 per block and you need 2 blocks per truck, so like 4 blocks.

Interesting, I will keep it in mind. With the big 125mm wheels I have, I think I will have plenty of clearance now.

125mm? Those are huge. I’m guessing they are pneumatic.

Yeah, the Skike ones are what I’m using hopefully.

My Nyko Kama came in and I began work on my enclosure. I’m still waiting on my battery and Vesc from DIYElectric’s 4th batch.

The black controller and red button matches perfectly with my board.

I made the enclousure out of aluminium sheet metal. I put this together to see if the bolts would work at securing the enclosure. It came out ok. If my pack fits then I’ll just paint it black and keep it, otherwise I’ll make another.

I think the clearence is ok, I might add risers to the trucks just in case.


Quick question. How are you planning on mounting the VESC to the board? Just I’m in the process of designing a 3d printed mount. It slides into the center section of my beercan deck and holds in place with one screw. I will post some pics in my build log later. I’m happy to send the stl file over to you if it will help you out?