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You can get a set here:

I attached the sprocket using a 2mm thick g10 adapter. It works pretty well. There isn’t play in any direction, and it’s very easy to center the sprocket.

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what is this/where can i get it?

Its just a custom cut g10 (garolite/fiberglass/pcb material) piece. Carbon fiber, aluminum, or even wood could work.

Sorry if this is obvious, but what do you mean g10? what is a g10?

oh my god im an idiot :sweat_smile:

im assuming this is what you are talking about?

You’re assumption is correct :smile:

That’s a great deal on those wheels!!

Yeah, I bought 2 sets. They are carbon fiber and aluminum construction. I was worried about the tires wearing too quickly, but they are holding up so far.

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BTW: Epic build dude!!! That thing is mean looking!

how loud is that chain drive?

not too loud, it doesn’t strike me as extremely loud or annoying when I ride it, but it’s not as quiet as belt drive.