Project Planning Spreadsheet

I’ve been lurking for awhile and started planning my build over the last few weeks. Any project I do always starts off as a spredsheet and I thought I’d share the final product

The sheet includes parts, prices, links, and top speed. The math was taken from which was inspired by

I’ve opened it up the public so feel free to throw your plans on a new tab to copy the sheet and roll your own.

Enjoy. *edit added embed thanks to @Jinra

Looks good so far :slight_smile: Added my notes in the suggestions box. Feel free to look over my sheet if you’re interested. It’s slightly outdated.

Thanks! how did you embed the sheet?

Just paste the link as is and the forum with auto embed it.

You forgot an enclosure and connectors. Also the cost/mph calculation is wrong.

yup, corrected. Thanks!