Project Poseidon

This I my first buildI hope you like it, I have been working on it for two years and completely redesigning my build several times in the process, but now that I’m finally happy with the outcome and I have the money it’s time to finally build it Here’s the project

I wanted an all terrain board so for the board itself I went with a Tramps Holy Pro:

I want my board to go farther than any other so for that I will buy 8x 4S and 8x 6S battery, connecting all the 4s in parallel and all the 6s and then connect then in series to get a massive 10S battery of 41,6A:

For the vesc and motor I chose the enertions ones:

The motor mount and the vesc’s enclosure I’m going to pay to CNC ones custom made by me, and I’m building my own batteries enclosure since I’m planning to put them (and the vesc enclosure) in the bottom of the deck and since the deck is curved and will flex while driving I created a segmented enclosure that will adapt itself to the curvature of the deck

For switching the board on and of I will use a switch with a key for added security, and I will use an hydrophobic fabric in the enclosures so that the air can get in and cool the components Below are some 3D models of my build that I made to work on the esthetic of my build and the clearances that I will have putting the components in my board


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I would agree that under deck mounting is probably not the best choice. The deck can flex lots.

Very creative, can’t wait to see the results. I also have a Trampa EMTB build coming my way. I am getting more excited by the day.

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WOW! That’s a lot of mAh! 41600 mAh??? :scream: This is gonna be a good one. Good luck!

Couple things

First off its sick. But you need to look into the vesc standard thing- usually vescs don’t work for mountain boards. @onloop has said that the new vescx may be able to handle the amp load but that still needs real world testing.

The ground clearance will be an issue I promise. Trampas are notoriously flexy hence the name. You would need a 17 ply deck and be fairly light to make this work ideally. You will need 9" wheels for undermounting to even be an option.

Make sure your ESC’s have air to breathe.

I don’t want to rain on your parade but I want to make sure you have an end product that you will have fun with.

Experience- I make and sell E-trampas, E-trampa kits and batteries.


Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I have already ordered a 17 ply deck, and I weight 70kg, I wasn´t thinking on using 9 inch because the Superstar RMS seems more robust to mount a gear on but I will use a riser to compensate for that, and I will build my battery enclosure with two plates of metal so that the outer one acts like an armor if the enclosure hits the ground For the vesc enclosure I will make so that the front and back will be all wire mesh with an hydrophobic fabric behind it to keep the water out and I was thinking on putting, but I´m not sure that they are needed, fans inside the enclosure to help with the air flow Since you already have the experience do you think this are good ideas?

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That’s not the case when setting them up properly (gearing, voltage, etc.) and having them made correctly. We are testing our own VESCs now for more than 1000km with 10s and gearbox in the alps without any issues. We even provide 2 years warranty included in that eMTB configuration for our VESCs.


If it flexes too much, you can still try to install a flexbridge.

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