Project Stealther | Loaded Vanguard 38" | Dual Calibur II | Dual Mboards 6374 180kv | Orangatang Pulley Belt Driven system | NEED HELP WITH BATTERY | FocBox Unity

Dear fellow DIY esk8 builders

Let me introduce myself for a bit regarding my esk8 experience: I’ve had two boards in the past: the Backfire G2S for a year but I only cruised on it for the summer of 2018, and then bought the upgraded Backfire G2T and used it this summer. After joining some of the Esk8ers in Beijing I was introduced to DIY electric Skateboards. When I left Beijing and started my new school year in Canada the airport took my skateboard’s battery away (somehow the Chinese customs weren’t happy with batteries those few days cuz some dummy blew up their battery inside the airport), I grew the idea of DIYing my own electric skateboard.

So far I’ve done some researches but I’m stuck on the last bits, battery. Let me just put the specs of the existing parts I’ve bought,

Dual Mboards 6374 Motors 180kv FocBox Unity ESC

With these, I also bought an Evolve Bamboo GT battery enclosure: The only problem left is which batteries I should choose to finish my build. I have a couple of options:

Samsung 30Q 18650 10s4p Samsung 35E 18650 10s4p Samsung 40T 21700 Not yet clear will the enclosure fit 10s4p

Can anyone give some suggestions to how I should finish the build? I’m aiming for decent 40-50 KPH cruise speed and longer range. If there are existing battery packs that’ll fit in the evolve enclosure and will work with my build can you please tell me where to buy those?

This is my first build so I hope it goes well. I’ll keep updates coming as the parts are coming slowly (especially the ESC) and then maybe post a build guide.

Side note: I’m currently a senior student studying in Canada, and I wish to build a DIY esk8 Club in my school. I’ll be experimenting on more builds of all types to grasp knowledge on DIY esk8 and then in the 2nd term I’ll open the after school activity and hopefully by that time we’ll have a HUGE group of students building together, which could be fun to be posted here. Keep an eye on that!