Project TRUSTISSUES| Flywheelsclones | SK3 - 6354-260KV| DUAL DRIVE | ZIPPY 8000mAh 4S1P | VESC

:speech_balloon: Ive done my lurking… late nights looking up difference on VESC and ESC… thinking of motors during the day dreaming of different motors during the night… tooo many options… can i do this? is this too much?.. self doubt…

ANYWAYS HI! Love this forum and im here with a potential build! :sun_with_face:

:speech_balloon: About me: I have owned a generic hub motor chinaboard before - it sucked ofcourse! I HAVE to have a electric skateboard and this is my first build! budgetbuild (around 600-700 euros)

:speech_balloon: I know what u are thinking… “hey just get kooboard if you are tight on a budget”, “get a backfire”, no. You know as well as me that hubmotors never can compete with belt drive, every vid. ever on youtube shows beltdrives outperforming hubs, and i need beltdrive becouse i live in northen sweden #mountainseverywhere.

I know it will be hard to bouild a good board for 700 EUR, but as far as i can understand it shuld be possible.


I have ( as i can see at least ) tree options.

1. Buy a complete driveset from :white_check_mark: :heavy_check_mark: PROS: Easy, cheap :x: CONS: might brake? bad battery? does anyone know? *

2. Buy a used EVOLVE BAMBOO GT :white_check_mark: (theres some ppl selling them right here in sweden for 700 EUR) :heavy_check_mark: Pros: cheap EVOLVE, good board for the money :x: Cons: dont know what i get, bad battery? bad motor? do EVOLVE have custom parts witch i cant replace? *

3. BUILD THE HELL OUT OF IT!! :white_check_mark: :speech_balloon: Im a builder! i love creating things, have done things like reparing iphones to building RV:s out of vans. ( i know this is a challange ).

but the parts man… the never ending options… it drives me crazy… This is what i want: Range: 15-20 KM Hills: yes, all the hills pls. Speed: 35 KM/h (21.75 mph)

This is what ive found motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6354-260KV Brushless Outrunner Motor X2 (dual drive) Link:

Battery: ZIPPY Flightmax 8000mAh 4S1P 30C w/ XT90 Link:

Turnigy Skateboard Conversion Kit Spare Parts - Motor Mount Link:

Pulleys And Motor Mount DIY Parts Kit For /90/MM Wheels Link:

Flywheels clones (cant find good reseller for 90 mm i europe right now)

:speech_balloon: I know there is some parts still missing but i feel theese are the larger points, i know i need antispark and reciever for controller etc.

:speech_balloon: The big question is what motor and what battery for that motor, find this part really hard. I mean i can always change pulleys and the VESC is always a VESC ( i know quality can differ tho ). When it comes to the battery i know about parallel and series and also the importance of C-rating. But it still feels hard to match batteries.

:speech_balloon: I live in Europe so im not shure about shipping either. Eaziest would be to get everything from EU or China. USA gets complicated and also takes longer time with shipment.

:speech_balloon: I want big wheels like 90 mm, so maybe lower kV in the motors? but still thers 2 of them and im a ligt guy (70 kg).

ALSO dual setup is expensive, can i get a stable, powerful board with one motor? it feels like a lot of pressure on the parts and i dont wanna risk not getting up hills. STEEPEST HILL IS ABOUT 10 DEGREES (18%)

PROS of own build: MIGHT get a REALLY good board for the money. It will be fun ALSO I HAVE TOOLS FOR IT ALREADY

CONS of own build: Might go out of budget many guestionmarks around shipping, what parts to use etc. Might blow something up like VESC might come out “bad” in the end/not satisified with it. Might take time

So what do u guys think? is the diyeboardkit any good? did you see the ad for evolve? does it seem like a bargain? or shuld i DIY the hell out of it? I really need guidance :heart:

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you want to get lower kv, vesc and lipo:10s2p or LiOn:12s3p and probably want bigger wheels. Flywheel clone is okay, but they are wider than original.

use this

If you worry about spending too much on things u might not like, option1. single vesc+10s 1p lipo+motor+ mount kit. that will be about $400

option2. go with literraly the cheapest reliable board you can get at the moment. u can start upgrading from here too.

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Thx! i will look in to that!

So im thinking more like: SK3-6374-192 Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192KV Brushless Outrunner Motor €80.02 Mono drive (?)

and ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 5S1P 40C X2

battery might be a little more than i need but can u really have too good of a battery? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a real 6374 a focbox and a 10s4p 30q battery maybe even a dual 6355 if you find good deals Some 85+mm wheels and the biggest belts you can fit


Also sickboards has 10inch calibers for 21€

yes, checking them out right now!

Isn’t this a really good option? seems like a good value especially with the focbox upgrade?

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looks good!

Yeah you want something around 190kv if you’re looking for more torque for those hills. You can get 15-20km on a 10s4p liion on flat ground, but more hills means higher power demands so I definitely agree with getting a 12s3p for better range with those hills. You can mess around with gearing ratio, depending on how important those hills are to you can up bring it up for extra torque(I love me some torque). But anyways best of luck to you brother and you’ll love your board if you build it. Just be prepared to fuck up a lot and be frustrated. It happens.

10s4p 30Q will get him more than 30km. He would be better served with a 10s3p.

I was just using it as an example for saying that his environment requires more power and draw from the batteries

yea well i scrapped lipo alltogheter due to few cycles, looking at samsung 30Q 3000 mah right now to make my own pack! they are a lot more expensive tho!

split between 10s3p or 12s3p. I mean 12s3p isnt that mutch more expensive! but i dont wanna overdo it either

12s3p isn’t over doing it. You’ll just get more speed and less strain on your batteries

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Check out some threads about 12s vs 10s theres some interesting facts

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