Project Valkyrie - Dual 6355 12s4p first build

Hey gang, working on my first build and I wanted to start recording progress (however slow it may be).

Right now I have all to the below mocked up, need to start buying the actual electric parts now.

if anyone knows how to flip pictures on this forum please let me know. Every time I upload a pic it comes up like this.

I’m a little torn on the electronics so any input the community has is more than welcome.

Battery wise I want a 12s4p and have talked to Ernesto (of Caly) about potentially building one for me. I’ve been reading up on how to spot weld the whole thing together but if I’m not confident in my abilities I don’t want to mess with a curtail component.

edit just pre-ordered two FOCBOXs from longhairedboy

For motors I’m looking at Maytechs too. I can fit 6355s so that’s the plan but I haven’t decided on the red 190kv units that look a little too open to the elements for my liking or the 170kv water proof units. Open to suggestions here.

Gearing would be determined after I land on which kv (170 or 190)

Right now it’s looking like I’m going to run a 12mm belt through the ideler set up on my mounts.

Remote will likely be a TB micro

Haven’t decided on a BMS, Voltage meter, or On/Off switch yet

Goals for the board are to be able to do 12-15miles on a single charge and get up to around 30mph.

Open to all criticism and input as this is my first build.


Go with a bestech bms. I’m sure there is some group buy or someone u can buy from on the forum. I would personally go with 190kv if you are looking for 30mph. Check out @JLabs website. He has some nice motors that are pretty protected for good prices. If u are going with 190kv I would use a 36/16 ratio or 36/15. 12mm drivetrain is good for a dual setup but I am not sure if @JLabs motors would fit together on one truck. You would have to ask him.

I flip the pictures with gimp before uploading them. Also, for some reason the forum cannot deal with portrait-oriented photos, they all have to be landscape orientation.


On off switch u could use an xt90 anti spark, verdders anti spark. I think @goldenHusky sells those. There are also the AN150 anti spark bullet connectors as well. If ur willing to spend $60 u could also buy an on off switch from @torqueboards

You could just buy a voltage meter from amazon or eBay but make sure it’s rated for 12s or 50.4v

I think @thisguyhere is selling charge only bms if u want. Ask him

Thanks for the shout @dg798!

My website can be found here:

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Not to ruin your hopes but I went the exact same build for my first time or had different iterations and let tell u having the middle not cleared leaving space for flex like a boosted board its no fun I went with lipos first having space for the middle it was fun just a all around fun commuter but once I put a 12s4p under it it was no fun the board had 0 to little flex and It weird , so if u want to put a 12s4p go with a stiff deck

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He could double stack the batteries towards the front. That would retain the flex. I saw he had 107mm wheels. Might need a slight rise is all.

Thanks for all the advice/insight!

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Word I’ll need to get that

Yeah my plan was to stack the cells for sure. And yes I’ll need risers, don’t currently have any in the pics.

Worse come to worse I got this deck used on eBay for $100 so if I need to scrap and go with a different set up it’s not the end of the world.

What deck did you end up going with?

Checking it out now!

I used to have a dual Fattail with some hefty 8000mAh 10S lipos. One reccomendation I could make would be to reduce the weight mounted to the deck as much as possible, this would likely mean using a smaller battery pack. If you need the range then of course it’s not the end of the world, but I found that using such heavy components on my deck got rid of a lot of what makes the Fattails “airy” flex so appealing.



totally hear you and this is something I’m trying to avoid do you have a recommended battery layout? what was your set up and range when you had your Fattail?

Guys what do you think about this drivetrain? Assume I still do a 12S4P:

Motor: 2x 6355 170kv Wheel Gear: 40 Motor Gear: 14 wheel size: 107mm Belt: HTD325-5M

My motor mounts have idlers

i feel like 16t on motor pulley is like a sweet spot.

Gotchya if I do 16t on motor I’d up it to 44 on the wheel

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