Project Walnut | First DIY Build

Hey Guys, after years of wanting a boosted board but never pulling the trigger I have decided to build my own board. I’m an electronics technician by trade so I’m not a total noob, just a noob to esk8. I like to film Youtube videos so I’ll be documenting my progress on there. If you have nothing to do I have a long boring video explaining the project: esk8 DiY Electric Skateboard Build | Part 1 | Intro`

For my board I choose the 36" X 9.5" DOWNHILL KICKTAIL DARK WALNUT DECK (#DWDH36) from Skate Shred

For the drive train I bought a 1500w dual belt drive drive train from ebay. N5055 270kv motors with 83mm wheels. Have anyone used this drive train before? Are they good? The trucks seem to be made out of cheap metal.

I already messed up on the remote, I bought one of those remotes off of ebay that I didn’t find out till later that they only bind to the generic skateboard esc setup. So I plan on making a frankenstein controller using another small rc transmitter. That will probably be the next video.

I also bought the cheapest vesc I found off of ebay. I know this is not recommend it but I figured I can always fix anything that blows up on them.

I plan on adding my own control board to handle peripherals like leds. Also to data log useless info like miles, and efficiency.

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I put together the controller I’m going to use for the project. Here is a link to a project video:

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