Proofcheck for my first build before I buy

Hi electric skateboard builders, For the past few days I have been researching how DIY electric skateboard works, and I have few parts I found that I’m really interesting in. I have 1 years of experience on building RC quad-copter and fix-wing but have never touched cars or some thing that runs on ground, I also never skate before, so for my first build I want it to be easy to build and low chance of error. My ideal top speed is 30MPH ± 5MPH, I really don’t want to go too fast because I never skate before and using this calculator I got Weighted Top Speed ~27MPH. so my concerns are if my parts gonna fit other parts and are there any better alternatives? your input would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Dual Motor Mechanical Kit $325.00 from diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-dual-motor-mechanical-kit/ Motor Mount, Trucks, 16/36T Pulleys, 90mm wheel etc. Kinda expansive but all I need for low chance of error and better looking.

YOCAHER PUNKED CREST ONYX LONGBOARD DECK $45 from ebay The shape of this drop thru deck looks great. low flex.

Dual Motor Electric Skateboard Kit + VESC CanBus Connector $366.99 from diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-canbus-connector/ diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/dual-motor-electric-skateboard-kit/ 2X opensource VESCs + 2x 6355 230kv motors + CanBus Connector for VESC slave mode I really like VESC, they are open source and has many features like reverse direction when using nunchuk, I wonder if this feature will ever come to normal controllers. also headlight, I wonder how he did it, never found any tutorial on it. motors seems ok to me, 55 motor looks like the only option for dual rear, I would go for 76 for diagonal but I heard the board would want to turn one way if brake hard. @onloop

controller: Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System $22.39 from hobbyking This one looks small enough and cheap, I wanted to use nunchuk so I can do reverse direction and cruising control but I heard nunchuk drop out a lot and dangerous.

Batteries: Turnigy 2200mAh 1S 40C Lipoly x21 from hobbyking I brought these batteries for my racing quadcopter, and I have 21 of them left, I’m thinking on DIY it into 9S2P, so I don’t reach max RPM on VESC, at 9S2P I will have 37.8V 4400mAh full charged and capable of outputing 176 amps. I will build it as 6x3s batteries because my power lab 6 charger can only charge and balance up to 6s, so there will be a lot of connectors… you guys have any better idea?

electronic enclosure: Plano 3600 Waterproof Stowaway from walmart

Cheap and easy, although it doesn’t look good but I want to gain access to batteries because 6x3s is too much connectors and I need to take out to charge. I will use some Velcro on batteries and VESC inside so it won’t fall off if lid pop open. the only concern is how I install this Plano box, do I just drill holes in the deck and Plano box then use bolts and nuts? what if these hole caused box to crack? any ideas?

LED: 9 Mode Multi Colour/Multi Function LED strip with Control Unit from hobbyking I will use a spare channel from receiver for this led control. does control of esk8 only take 1 channel?

miscellaneous: XT90, XT60, 10AWG WIRE, loctite, velcro, epoxy and tools is skate T tool necessary? I have bunch nut screwdrivers will they fit?

Thanks in advance, looking forward to your suggestions!

looks good! you will need some aluminum solder for the batteries because the usual stuff will not stick to the tabs.

Got these aluminum solder flux ! It is pretty messy stuff, though. any idea on the enclosure? that is my biggest concern.

Looks good, but I’ve had mixed experiences with yocaher products. I’d say go for a different deck, or better yet just build your own.

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Don’t get the quanum, it works for a bit and then after a while, it can’t bind. Also, battery is shit. No one on this forum will recommend the quanum.

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What about GT2B? It seems bulkier.

I have a 12s lipo never used if you’re interested

There are a few good remote options: GT2B with 3d printed casing mod 2.4ghz trigger remote aliexpress sold by diyelectricskateboard 2.4ghz thumb remote sold by @Kaly

Also suggest the GT2b over the Quanum. Quanum worked for me, but went through batteries pretty fast. And worst of all - looks like a gun. Not the best idea nowadays!

here’s an old how-to for moving GT2b into smaller badwolf enclosure. Relatively simple w/ some basic tools and solder skills.


I can’t use 12s because my motor is 230kv


hehehe - it looks like you have done your reading and research at least!

for wire i would suggest the wet noodle or superworm wire (on Amazon). 12g should be enough, but 10 will definitely work too.

Skate tool - YES! everything right where you need it when you need it. Go skate sometime with loose trucks and you’ll wish you had it in your pocket/bag to tighten them up! even an el-cheapo one of $5-6 is great to have.

Sometimes it will be easier to use your sockets like when assembling, but a skate tool is really handy for adjusting and small changes and maintenance.

Sure you can i do.

I use dual 230kv on 12s. Gives me about 35 top speed with my weight. I weigh 210

great tutorial! I have access to most tool needed but 3d printer, I think I will do the modding when I’m back to university, thanks for the suggestion!

not doubting, but i thought that wasn’t possible. Multiple folks have killed their VESC trying.

what hw version VESC and any mods to support >200kv on 12s?

are you using vedder esc?

I didn’t have a 3d printer either - got mine printed from 3dhubs and another online store. worth the $ to make it so nice and small IMO. If you have access to one at university - even better!

I don’t use the VESC. I use TB ESC’s which I have for sale if you’re interested.

No I don’t use the VESC I use TB

TB esc doesn’t have RPM limit, that is why you can use 12s on it.

I found your reply on a old thread, using heat gun to DIY abs enclosure!? great inspiration. I think I will use my lamination iron to do that, 450 degc enough? will it stick to the base of my iron?