Proper female DC plug for BMS charging

I’ve seen several different dc power sockets and would like to know which is more suitable or popular. Here are a couple I’ve found.

So it seems as if the popular ones are 5.5 x 2.1 or 2.5.

Here’s my second question. How do I find a proper charger? It’s hard to search for a charger just based on the plug size. What wattage? Should I be searching for 2-4A chargers? Where’s a good place to buy?

You need to search charger based on the max voltage of your pack. I think the most popular amp rate should be between 0.25-0.75 C . What battery pack you will use? and the amp rate also depends on the bms

6S4P LGHE2 45A Continuous BMS

the max charge rate amp is different from the max discharge rate amp, it should be mentioned on the bms specs. the voltage should be 6s * 4.2V = 25.2V and amp rate between 2-5A (7A?). wait for the other guys here though

there is also this kind of plug without the need for soldering:,searchweb201602_4_10037_10017_407_10033_406_10032,searchweb201603_3&btsid=d99e6da2-6eb6-4436-9ae1-91a461c6b289

so the max charge current is not specified. I think 5A and below should be ok. 5A should charge your 10Ah pack in 2.5 hours, maybe less

Lithium-ion batteries can be charged at 1c safely. You can charge at up to 10 amps with that pack (it is 10ah) so just get as high as you can with that BMS.