Protect a longboard deck against water/dirt?

I will be sanding down and completely stripping my Prism deck, it currently has a clear coat of something that makes it very easy to wipe down and stops it from being damaged.

What would i go around and buy to reapply on it? I’ve heard Polyurathane should be good but sadly not able to find it here.

epoxy resin? go to a hardware store and ask them for resin for refinishing wood floors

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Resin wouldnt really work due to the concave of the deck, its not flat so i would need something to spray or apply in light coats.

Or a clear coat. Literally : )

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resins/lacquer is what you’re sanding off of it lol… if u want to protect it from water, i would use a product called NeverWet.

its a hydrophobic 2 part spray system… works amazingly

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Was about to just do it, but wanted to be sure it would hold up before doing it.

Did it on my Vanguard and it started to fall of due to the flex so i went with polyurathane imported from USA on that one.

Buuuut it should work here yeah thanks.

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I use polyurethane floor varnish, very resilient and waterproof…