Protective gear recommendations?

Hey guys, I was wondering what all of you wear in terms of protection for warm weather riding? Personally, and I’m sure to the dismay of many, aside from when I’m out on my motorcycles, I rarely wear any protective gear when I’m longboarding, snowboarding or mountain (trail) biking. I’ll throw on a helmet and gloves for when I partake in some DH runs, but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

Now that I’ve been introduced to esk8’ing however, and the fact that I’m no where near as “indestructible” as I use to think and feel I was back in the 80’s and 90’s, I think its time to have some good gear on hand.

I have a really nice Bern Carbon Fiber helmet which I have both the winter and summer linings for, but what I don’t have are a good pair of knee and elbow guards. I stopped by my local bike shop, and what they had were your typical bulky plastic puck-style assortment of items, which I absolutely hate! They’re heavy, uncomfortable, and never stay in place.

Doesn’t anyone make a slimmer, sleeker, more comfortable knee and elbow guard? I mean with the advances in technology and the advent of ultra light and strong composites, it shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Any of you find such a product or can recommend something? I’m all ears (and eyes)…

Nice helmet - i have one of theirs and really like it. Mine has the soft brim/hat style vs rigid built in like yours.

I also have the puck/vert knee pads - overkill maybe unless i plan to test top speed or first ride shakedown.

I got a set of the Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee/Elbow pads - they are really nice and low profile. Not as much protection obviously as the puck kind, but much better than nothing!

I would definitely suggest good wrist guards and gloves.