Protective Gear

I think this has been covered before, but for everyone who is riding with out a helmet, what are your preferences? Is it helmet, jacket, gloves pads? Any good links for helmets?

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This is going to sound silly. But i’ve been thinking about getting a motor bike armor jacket. Seem excessive, but using it in a crowded city with cars without protection scares me. I’m definitely getting a full face helmet though. :sweat_smile:

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I’d imagine it’ll be personal preference.

Take the risk? Go fully armored? Or maybe something in between. I’ve been riding without any protective gear, besides the clothes on me. I was lucky enough to not hit my head the two times I fell, just got scraped up.

Need to get myself some protection.

I have one of these for a helmet:

I feel that as long as you’re not going 20+ all the time you can get away with just a helmet, pushing that speed or faster is time to start investing in a full face helmet and at the very least always wearing jeans and a light jacket, of course getting motorcycle gear is always a positive option.

For anyone out there that doesn’t wear a helmet with an e-board. Stop being an idiot and start now. I didn’t have a helmet a few months ago and over accelerated and fell off my board, straight into a light pole and nearly broke my face. It wasn’t fun, I lucked out and didn’t break anything but I still had a concussion and still had a CT scan to be safe. I wasn’t even going that fast either.

Thanks for the link to the helmet @emepror. I’ll be bookmarking it. I have to wait for my next couple of paychecks before I can get to buying that.

I like the way it looks.

I also found this:

I think once I have the money as well I’ll be buying that to replace my current helmet, ill be doing a lot more street riding soon and a better helmet is always a good option

Depends on your board. My general rule is 20 mph and under with a very predictable/smooth throttle curve I usually wear a skate helmet or bike helmet, gloves of some sort, knee pads, and elbow pads.

For something like a raptor that goes 28 mph I’d up the helmet to my predator DH6.

For downhill longboarding (with a motor) or E boards that can go faster, I’d wear full leathers with protection in elbows, knees, and the predator dh6. Full fingered gloves are a must as well. Motorcycle armor is fine, but a lot of motorcycle racing suits are designed to be in that motorcycle tuck position which may not be comfortable on an E-board. If you get good fitting motorcycle gloves though, you can use them with an e-board and a remote.

Predator DH6 helmet: ($275)

I have this helmet. Runs small and I didn’t like it at first, but the padding compresses after a couple rides and now I really like it.


Yep, I recommend tsg pass or a predator dh6

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I have ridden the TSG Pass just 30 km right know and love it.

Yep, @Mr_Mahal has a tsg pass too and he likes it as well last time I checked.

The Pass is awesome, not made for 75 degree plus weather but if you’re flying the entire time with shorts/tank tops on, it might be bearable. When I get the raptor best believe I’ll have it on the entire time.


I gotta hit a pawn shop lol I bet there’s one in there lol…ill just use a lot of lysol

Icon make some pretty good inexpensive ballistic nylon armored jackets. They aren’t that expensive either!

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I also wear a Triple 8 Brainsaver. I have a big head, and the XL didn’t fit, but found they also make an XXL. For some reason they don’t advertise it.

I also wear Triple 8 wrist guards and elbow pads when I ride. When it’s cold out, I have the the Triple 8 gloves with built in guards. I picked up the fingerless version and just wear thin gloves underneath when it’s really cold.

Those looks badass! I was also looking at airbag jacket from Revzilla, technology has gotten so damn advance!

I wrecked a motorcycle in an icon leather, and not saying it was the jacket and pants that saved me when I hit the retaining wall and fell about 30 feet down into the canyon, but I climbed back out to pick up the pieces of my bike with only a bruise on my shoulder.

I have a TSG Pass helmet. Brand new but when I ride fast and there’s wind, the wind sneaks under the face shield and makes a loud whistling sound. Have you ever experienced that? Do I need to tighten the shield?