Protective Gear?

Hello Guys,

I hope you are all well, and i am happy to be on this forum.

I have purchased a Raptor 2, it is a beast of a board.

However i would like to know what other protective gear is needed other than my full face helmet.

I am not a professional in Esk8’s or anything so maybe more protection would be better. I live in Australia, anywhere good i can purchase them?

Any tips?


Full face helmet, most importantly


Gloves. Fucking up your hands sucks


Gloves and knee pads are always good. Upper body protection like a armored hoodie or elbow pads are nice

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Thanks, are there any specific brands you guys recommend? are they all the same?

I wear downhill style slide gloves with velcro pucks. Closest thing i can wear to a wrist guard and still hold my remote.

You can take a cutting board and cut pieces to fit around your remote and attach to gloves with velcro if the pucks that come with the gloves are too big.

I’ve always worn triple 8 slide gloves but about to give these a shot


Those gloves look nice mate, you say a wrist guard impedes you holding the remote? I have a nano x which is very small.

I have broken my wrist before so i may wear one as it takes a long time to heal!

Yeah I’ve broken my wrist a few times and even shattered my hand… trust me i know. I wear a wrist guard on my off hand. But myself and lots of other members find it difficult to hold the remote firmly with one on your remote hand. I tried at first and almost dropped my remote at full speed mid ride…

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Thanks mate, i will try them on in the shop with my remote in hand aswell.

This board’s community is amazing, in a few minutes i received so much help, cant wait to contribute more and build my first DIY.


Lots of old threads on this topic, I ended up copying some of @Deckoz’s suggestions here.

  • Sector 9 lightning gloves which are on sale right now: these are real nice, quality leather, look slick. Rotating the right hand puck makes enough room for the remote and seems to still let you slide. (Haven’t launched myself yet though, will write back.)
  • TSG DHPs: super nice knee pads, pretty quick to put on / take off (no need to remove shoes).

I wear wrist guards (snowboarding ones apparently). Yes they do make holding a remote difficult-ish (I have a “mini” remote) but I’m a software developer and I can’t afford to break too many wrists.

Can’t imagine what it would be like to be a carpenter or someone who needs to use tools for a job and have a broken wrist.

I’m tempted to try and design a remote that could be used with wrist guards.

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Listen to his wisdom


I just got my Raptor 2.1 and after riding it for 10min i feel like i need more protection lol.

When i rode my meepo i just used my Full Face MTB Helmet. For the Raptor i bought Flatland 3D Gloves but i think i need also ellbow and knee pads.

Will have a read of that for sure.:slightly_smiling_face:

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For slow riding, if you fall you just roll 1or 2 times, you can get by soft foam protection like gform. For fast riding, if you fall you don’t want to roll, you want to slide to dissipate the force. So you need hard plastic on the outside and soft foam on inside. G form becomes not so good. I personally went for TSG Force V A, I prefer the bulk for better protection.

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Man, the range on this thing is crazy, i was on R-Spec mode, the whole time and went about 30Km and still had 35% battery life when i got home.

I have to buy elbow and knee pads also, never underestimate the power of the Raptor, even when you think your going fast and give the throttle it can kick you back and fall down…

Damn the 187 pads look nice, i might get them!

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Do you have 2.0 or 2.1?

The original 2.0, i bought it used from someone. I hope they stock the wheels back in their store, i need some new ones soon.

Your one is nice because you have the Unity box, much easier to configure. I would look into making the brakes stronger from the App because if you are going fast you need the extra braking power.

Also, do not ride in the wet, your board will get drenched even from small puddles. What i did was put silicone all around the enclosure, so i can even ride in the rain now.