Protective Gear?

Thanks for the tips. Yes, I bought a 2 week old Raptor 2.1 yesterday. I was only able to cruise it for 15min but my battery dropped from 95% to 85% in less than 2km. I’m worried but I’m going to do a full range test today.

For example, the guy has only 11.4miles in slowmode.

Concerning wet roads I have heard the problem and will avoid it.

but man the torque the torque :smiley:

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There has to be something wrong with his battery for sure.

I can do 11 miles and still have over 50% left in R-Spec mode (although i am not full throttling every second).

Yea the torque is the best thing about it, i am still having trouble turning properly though as the board is stiff, and if i loosen the trucks i get speed wobbles but if i tighten i cannot turn that much.

I have to use kicktail for tighter turns…

That’s what I thought.

I’ll be testing my raptor extensively in a few hours. I also noticed the big turning circle but I also expected that. I’ll see how to deal with the kicktail in tight streets. :slight_smile:

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I personally use a TSG Pass helmet (a thing of beauty, and made for the mad downhill crew), leather gloves (because they are quite resistant and malleable, allowing you to hold the remote safely) and g-form body protection (really thin, but really effective… you don’t need to look like an American Football player to be safe).

All of the above have saved my skin (literally!) in a few past occasions. Hope this helps! Enjoy your rides!


Thanks mate, do you have any links to Gform body protection?

Also did you buy the TSG Pass from here on the group buy? I was wondering if it will happen again… would love to get that looks sick!

They’re having a sale right now:

I have Elite knee and elbow, and a compression shirt. They’re nice for keeping from getting scraped up and provide a little impact protection, but they’re not even close to hard pads. Knee drop test hurts a bit but no damage.

You might look into motocross/motorcycle protective gear. That’s stuff is designed for high speed crashes, where the gform stuff is more for impacts at human-powered speeds. The gform pads aren’t going to provide much protection at 35mph. This kind of gear will:

I have one of the Fly Racing Dirt Barricade armored tops I’m selling if you’re interested.

Pretty good short-sleeve, with great spine armor, but I’ve got long sleeve armor that I always use so I’ve only tried it on a couple of times, never worn it to ride. It’s a med, PM me if you’re interested and I can give you more details.

Whatever you choose, Do wear protection. You are absolutely doing the right thing asking about it. There are tons of threads on this forum about guys crashing and getting hurt, even at slow speeds, even wearing some gear. A few people have even lost their lives. So gear up…




I got the g-forms and TSG helmet from Amazon - some times they have good promotions, keep an eye on them!