Proto 4 weels go to 3 weels

Hello everyone. I wanted to know if the community would be interested in this concept, which using a motor + wheel group would transform a 4 wheel at 3 wheel. thanks.


Whatvdo you mean with transform? Is it reversible fron 3 to 4 again? In any case, great design, I like the idea

yes, the idea would be to be able to change from one to the other. I already use a fastening system for my board. and make a rear rear train including the vesc motor and the wheel which would be fixed to the board



What about drive sensation? With two trucks I think you will able to carve faster than a 3 wheels. Do you want to use the same kind of wheel for the rear in the 3 wheels mode?

8 or 9 inch, I have these two type of wheel. the goal of this construction to come is to find the feeling of carve and not necessarily a crazy speed. I tested a simple assembly motor at and a 3200w 130kv does the trick very well, torque and correct speed.

Kinda like this?


cool, how does this montage behave

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you should speak to the master himself :slight_smile: @tomiboi

Check out my 16s mountain board build on .



really good job. I think to make the rear part in aluminum, for the transmission I still hesitate between hub and belt. The hub assembly is really clean. but in belt I would have more option for my transmission ratio (pulley and pinion which can be changed easily)

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I have built something similar but on a budget. These are pictures of my built. I plan on posting a detailed build description when I catch time for Christmas!


I live it! The three-wheeled revolution begins!

@Gols It’s worth playing with a geared design. You should do it. I’d like to hear more about your results.

@wireload That’s a great design and very DIY accessible. Does the back bracket drag at all when you turn?


No, it drives better than I expected. I used basic hardware store 50mm x 5mm steel and welded it together. Also, I used softer bushings in the front to be able to turn easier and since it has a lot of inertia with 200 mm wheel at the back and 100 mm skateboard wheels in the front so it is stable when you ride it.

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My three-wheelers are more efficient than my four wheel boards. I’m excited to see what kind of results you get. I prefer BLDC over FOC with the big motors. Also, I’ve been getting really good results from the 200mm 48v motor that I use on my roadsters. If you ever want to do a build with it, it’s easy to find on ali-express.

I think to stay in 10s, because I have a 3200w motor in 130kv and a trailing vesc. and transmission side I think to be in 72/15

would you have a photo below thank you


Is that what you are looking for?

Yes thanks