Prototype MEB Carbon S | Carbon Fiber Deck | 12S2P | 250kv | VESC

Hey eSk8!

Just wanted to share Miami Electric Boards First official complete! Up now for pre-order Shipping around late Jan.

The Carbon S!

Carbon Fiber Deck with integrated handles and enclosure. 12S2P Samsung 30Q cells for 6000mAh! Will ship with a 200kv Sensored motor for high torque and smooth start-up (Prototype has a 250kv unsensored motor available for special requests) Redesigned VESC with heatsink. Will Ship for $999 (Promo Code: Stealth)

A Few Pictures:

More to come Soon!

P.S. If you live in Miami feel free to PM or email me to schedule a time to give this bad boy a try!

Pre-order now for free Shipping!


Great board, I like the look and size :slight_smile: Some notes: doesn’t 12s with 200kv exceed vesc’s erpm limit? Isn’t the handle placed too low? Will 30A continuous from the cells be enough? Do you use bench wheel remote? And are you going to sell the deck alone?

Looks pretty awesome! Is it dual or single?

So far 0 issues with VESC and 250KV motors on a few completes that I have sold and including my own. Reason for 200KV is for lightly higher torque. Handle location is because the of the spacing for the battery. 30A is usually more than enough for 12S but battery can go up to 50amps. Yup it’s the same controller i’ve been selling on my site. Also Yes, the deck will be sold alone as well.

@ArmandR Currently it’s single… I’m currently slimming down the slack on the cables to work on a “Carbon D” model!

Looks like a solid compact cruiser, good job! Doesn’t look too comfy to hold, but we don’t want to carry it, just ride :smile: Will the griptape be like that, or are you going to create a custom design for it? Carbon fiber is cool, show it as much as possible! What about a 10s3p version? You may be able to put 6 more cells inside, that would reduce the voltage sag, that could be pretty consistent in a 2p configuration. What wheels are you using? Okay, I’ll stop here with the questions :grin:

thats a sick deck dude

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How much for the deck?

Also, length and width?

Dude it’s awesome! and the handles are super smooth and the board is pretty light so holding it not bad. There are other uses for the handles but more to come on that! For the grip I’m giving the option of different colors, but no designs. I was going to laser my logo but I kinda like the look of all stealth with no branding. Makes the board feel more personal than just a branded bought item. Voltage sag is not too bad on 12S as again the amps are not very high. But we’ll see how this does. 12S2P batteries have been working great for us so far. Currently we are using ABEC clones to offer the different colors, but we can use Original ABEC’s or Kegels. We would have to adjust pricing. and no worries about the questions!

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@FlashNova Thanks!

@Eboostin I just posted the Deck on line also! $299 with free shipping on pre-orders. Size is 32in x 9in. it will also include nose and tail guards! enclosure dimensions also listed online

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Quick Video of a dead start and stop on 250kv. Super smooth. 200kv will be even better!


That is so smooth :smile: congrat

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Nice job my man!


Sharing a quick video from a Carbon S Demo Sesh! This was his first time on an electric skateboard!