Providing Custom 3D Printed Nylon Pulleys

Hey all,

I am thinking about supplying custom high-quality 3D printed nylon pulleys for eSk8 builds. I am proficient with CAD and I have experience printing. This topic is to gauge the interest level in the community to see if this is a feasible business plan. Please let me know what you think! Would you ever be interested in the service? I have had 3D printed pulleys before and they perform very well. Nylon is super strong and won’t break under normal load, but has enough flexibility to allow for small errors like a not perfectly aligned pulley system or a slightly worn belt. I have never had any problems with mine. And it will be lighter and a LOT cheaper than CNC aluminum pulleys! From my initial math, each wheel pulley should sell for about $12-18 depending on the belt and wheel size. That is including shipping costs. We will probably only ship within the US for now. Finding a pulley for my DIY eboard build was one of the most difficult parts. That is why I made my own. But if you can’t develop your own or don’t have the resources, then you are forced to buy wheels, pulley, and motor mount kits all from the same company. This service will hopefully allow builders to have more personalization with their builds. Thanks for the feedback!

Do you got any pictures of prototypes or finished product?

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You should do a build thread dude, then you can show people the pulleys you came up with and why they work for you, think of it like a soft sell. From what I’ve seen people will ask for them if they need them (with confidence having seen yours work) and then you will be under way.

I have prints that I am using but the one I currently have is not nylon. The point of this is to see if it is worth the initial cost of buying a printer capable of printing nylon. I’d like to put this in the esk8 market somewhere but couldn’t figure out where was best. That is a good idea @Cobber thanks. I’ll see if I can get any more interest here and then I will definitely post pictures of my work when I get the nylon going.

Why nylon and not pteg ?

Whats the difference between nylon and pteg? Strength? Cost? Thermal conductivity?

there is definitely a difference in the ease of printing. Nylon is way harder to print. I think its also proven to be stronger then ABS tension wise, way more durable and made for high impact and stress applications.

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@Silverline @BoostedBuilder Nylon is stronger and slightly less brittle when it comes down to it. PETG has been known to scratch despite its strength. Not many people print using nylon filament because the hot end requires higher heat than most printers can handle and there is little room for error. Nylon will be able to withstand a lot more in the end (also be able to withstand heat as it will take upwards of 250 deg C to melt)

I currently am running my custom PLA pulleys but I am going to exchange those back to nylon asap. I will upload pictures of the pulleys I have and a picture of the STL file.