Prusa i3 MK2S for Sale ($600) (GA or FL pickup)

Hey all, Not really esk8 related but I am selling my Prusa Mk2S for $600, fully assembled and working perfectly. I do most of my prototyping on it. I have printed PLA, ABS, Nylon and TPU successfully although most of my print are either PLA or TPU. Bed was replaced recently with a brand new original Prusa PEI sheet.

Local pickup in Atlanta, GA or Ocala, FL (I go there frequently to visit my brother)

The brand new kit costs $600 plus about 15 hours worth of assembly (took me 30 cause I’m OCD AF) while the fully assembled version costs $900

Reason for selling: I am upgrading to a Mk3 MM or maybe buying some TB DDs lol

image image image image image


I can attest to the quality of these machines. They are for sure the best quality in their price range and well beyond. I’ve got my own mk3 though so I’m not your buyer

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Yeah, it’s funny because I’ve printed way better parts with this than our 30k Stratasys machine at work.

If anybody is interested to see a print, link the file here and I will record the print overnight!