PSA 6" tubeless tires will fall off at speeds above 28mph

When you stand on the truck, the truck applies your weight to the wheel, which applies your weight to the tire. There is a force pushing the wheel into the tire into the ground. Does that make any sense?

@ugothakd No because that doesn’t negate the outward force all the way around the wheel. Only on the bottom. Spinning is still happening whether you’re on it or not.


The bead of the hub on the new wheel is larger though. And the hub is 2mm narrower tightening up the fit. The durometer is way softer than I thought. If it isn’t different than yours, you should be careful. Or do what I did and tie that wheel down. It’s easy with the sixshooter.

I’ll be careful, didn’t even think about that happening. I’ll prolly use some zip ties as well. After Christmas I’m gonna get a new set of 6 shooters, I’ll be doing away with the wobblies as I’ve experimented on them to the point that I’m gonna have to do some welding soon :blush:

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I’m thinking the centripetal force would not be as bad if you are actually riding it. The wheel would expand more on the bench vs riding

True, but I’ll strap mine down. You guys can obviously take your chances.

I would too if I used those. Good looking out

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I live in goat-head city, I cannot even think about running air anywhere…I would be changing tires every few miles…

Unless I’m missing something somewhere, nobody has popped a sixshooter. Even if you did, you’d be able to ride on it. Something to be said for not rolling on cheap shit 8" tires…

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so aside from the limited top speed, How do the airless tires compare to old pneumatics?

ride feel? control? traction? efficiency?

They don’t compare. They weigh 4lbs more than a set of sixshooters, roll like they are dragging something and can’t roll as fast because they’ll expand off the hub just like all our favorite hubmotors.

They do look kinda cool though so I’m going to leave them on my Bane build. (With zip ties)


ok good, i thought I was missing out or something…

what about the new rubber vs the old airplanes tires? I’m going pneumatic when I decide which build to sell off…

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Back before my day tubeless tires were bound to wheels using an internal metal wire. The tires were cut to fit and bound at the seam by twisting the wire. I think heat was also applied to seal/bond the seam also.

Anytime I see a non-bonded rubber tire that does not rely on air pressure to hold the tire in place I think of this old technique and the not so obvious reason it was used and needed.


The new tires made me completely forget about the Matcos. Different class altogether. Ask @mccloed, @MoeStooge or @BigBoyToys


I think they look like a your wearing a set of Crocks on your board…


I figured the matcos were probably stiff because of the loads they were designed for. but i still liked the idea of more aerospace components :wink:

Yeah, the Matcos were awesome until sixshooters + new tires showed up lol

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Thanks Chip!

It can still slip off while turning. Turning is when its most likely to fly off IMO

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Ive seen, handled and ridden the six shooters a few times now. Definately top notch construction and I can say that they were lighter and have stronger sidewalls than any of the 8" tires im using now. Off hand, rolling resistnce seems on par with other pnematics Ive tired but Id really like to see some 6-shooter whr/mile numbers vs Urathane vs, other pneumatic tires. That would be some valuable info imo. If they actually do get less flats than other pnematics then thats a huge selling point for me as well since I pretty much get a flat on every ride I do and Im sick of it :rage:.