PSA 6" tubeless tires will fall off at speeds above 28mph

See the flats would drive me nuts…the whole reason I went with the airless, but now seeing all the six shooters is warming up my wallet…ugh



Have you tried slime in your tires?

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I actually just bought a big bottle of it but haven’t added it to my tubes yet.

This is the main reason I’ve stuck to urethane! I remember getting flats on my fixed gear bike, that was a pain, but dragging back an eboard is just mean…


Now is the slip only happening on the shooters? Or does it happen on the stock rims that w Are sold with the airless tires?

I’ve only tested mine. But I can’t imagine it could be any different with different hubs. The durometer would be the same. This urethane isn’t staying on anything when it’s spinning fast. Same issue as all the ghosting hub motors

Wonder if making some slits with a dremel or angle grinder to the rims fix that ?

nope as the truck is connected to the hub so the pressure on the bottom of the wheel means less contact on the top meaning more likely to get the tyre come half off then full off (much like driving on a flat tyre) and bang ugothakd is in surgery

sound like someone needs to make some bead lockers. nylon or aluminum?

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This actually makes perfect sense. Just like when you have a flat tire. Only the bottom is flat! Am I right?


the contact patch doesn’t keep the tire on when you carve hard at 30mph.

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I have the stock rims. I will be building a 35 mph board with them. I will let you know how it goes.


Awesome I do appreciate all the info that is given thanks

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For high speeds, maybe it needs to be epoxied.

How well has epoxy worked for all those bad ass hub motors?

Did some hubmotor with epoxied thane failed at high speeds before? Here though the mechanical pressure fit seems to be pretty strong between the hubs, just the thane wheel may stretch a bit at high speed and lose the mechanical fit. Epoxy should be strong enough to hold it down and not lose the fit. Or maybe no? Just throwing out the idea.

You can have my set for $80 if you want. They have been ridden up and down my street a couple of times.

How much, as-is on the hubs theyre on? Please don’t give a price I can’t refuse, I want them but don’t need them, just wanna spike em…please don’t make me buy them :rofl:

I don’t have hubs for them. neither pulleys. but I’m enjoying pneumatics so maybe later. Once I keep getting flats.