PSA: ABEC 11 107MM SuperFly's in stock at Muirskate

Just picked up a set for my next build.



That bigzig… Poor wallet.

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offering with an integrated pulley on a smaller core

Integrated pulleys Hell yeah.

Small wheels would be great for uphill racing.

Those 83’s are firmly aimed at the boosted crew I reckon. I’m just excited because how long will it be before we see 97/107 with pulleys. The only thing I can see being a problem is wear. Once the pulleys are cactus then so’s the wheel.


Metroboard also has stock of Red Abec11 107s!

$170… glad i got my 107mm when they were $130. Prices keep going up.

i got a set off board paradise a couple weeks ago… FYI if you let them sit in your cart for a day after attempting to purchase and entering an email youll get a 10% discount code to come complete yur purchase #hack $125 shipped!

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yeah i recently fit my 32T kegel core pulley on an Ahmyo Akasha and had good results, as did a customer of mine. Those would be great track racing and uphill wheels for sure.