PSA - Don't buy TorqueBoards hubs

From my initial ride, I had issues with the new TorqueBoards hubs, and should have learned my lesson, but didn’t, and now got tossed off my board doing 30mph, when the bolts holding the hub together backed out, ripping my phase wires apart, and tossing me.

After 5 minutes of riding them the first time, these bolts backed out, and one fell off completely. Not to mention, the set screws holding the collar on slipped, ripping the phase wires. I contacted diy, and eventually got a response. They told me to add loctite. Drill a pilot hole for the set screws, and loctite those. Not sure why they sell a product without that done if it falls apart after 5 minutes without. Now their “customer service” dropped off the map when I asked for replacement bolts and solution for the loose urethane.

I stupidly decided to go for another ride after performing their “fix”. I rode another 4 miles (that’s a record for these), and while going roughly 30mph one of those same bolts backed out and chaos ensued.

Now I’m stuck with a $400 piece of trash and some nasty road rash. So yea, don’t be an idiot like me and buy this garbage.


You should take this issue up with @torqueboards Several people are running these with no issues.

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@Michaelinvegas @treenutter

Personally I don’t buy his products anymore after previous issues but I believe we have a complaint thread or something for posts like this

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but just felt like posting something since customer service stopped acknowledging my existence. Plus I don’t want others to waste their money. If there is a better place feel free to let me know and close this.

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I feel for you but I’ve gotta say if the bolt backed out a second time then you didn’t apply the fix correctly. You should be using blue locktite, 4 drops per bolt and let it cure for 24 hours before stressing it.

Dexter (@torqueboards) has never been anything but fair to me.


lol I don’t have them … so I’ll leave this alone

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Why didn’t the bolts go in from the other side? Then if one fell out it wouldn’t chop your phase wires and seize your wheel. Things fail, but when they fail in this manner people get sued.


Nvmd thought this was only a complaint thread

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Lol…compliant dept is closed for the evening lol


Exactly what I been telling hummie. And it’s true. Everyone should strive to make as fail safe as possible products. Luckily, his motors are pretty fail safe, so no real issues for me. My only experience with torqueboards was with the power switch, which I had 3 of and all failed within a day. So I learned my leason. Which is why I try to design and build as many pieces of my board as possible.


Hub motors go fast and look cool but for dependability and ease of maintenance you just can’t beat a good old fashion belt drive.


I already did a review thread on these hubs: the price is great but you need to expect maintenance and some fixing. This is why we should always do research on the forum before buying products…

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Slowly and painfully (physically & financially) realizing myself that belts are probably the way to go…


I went through the same learning curve. Started with hubs and then switched to belts. For better hill climbing and easier maintenance


I found the opposite.

Good hubs should have zero maintenance. With belts, I found my self consitantly trying to adjust belt tension, motor mount position, ect. to get it right. With good hubs, there’s no way to mount it incorrectly.

I found far less maintenance from hubs.

But the key is, you need good hubs. I have yet to see a good hub motor that doesn’t have any flaws… Hopefully, the day that this happens is right around the corner.

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Once you set your mount and pulleys right, there’s not much maintenance to be done. I’ve never had to adjust, re tighten, or replace any of my drive train, especially since i moved to 12mm belts, haven’t broken a single one

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I’m sure thats the case.

I think we both have experiences (Namasaki and I) with bad systems. Mine was the enertion system, that used a single 9mm belt.

If I turned a corner too have, the wheel bent a bit, and the pulley would move with the wheel and now, you have a misaligned gear. It was a complete mess that I never got to work correctly. Too much frustration. Then I found the carvons and hummies motors, and never have drive train issues like this again.

Just curious were you using the old bolt and plate wheel pulley or the nylon insert version

old bolt on.