PSA don't ride through fresh cowshit


now ride through water to clean it up


Thanks for bringing up the attention to this issue. I have been eager to ride through fresh cowshit until now. Do you think fresh pig shit is worth trying? I really like the slippery characteristic of it, it makes the drifts smoooth as a butter.


I’ve ridden over plenty of stale cowshit before is all I’m saying. Just watch out for that fresh stuff.



nice btw wer did u got that big weel pully Very nice, just had to take out a big hole in the middle with a hole saw in the drill press.

@Hillso ROFL

Yeah, I think you should avoid all the fresh stuff if you can’t avoid them.

Hahaha that’s a mess

I woulda also recommend avoiding goose shit. Shits slippery

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I think we can agree that all types of fresh feces are undesirable to ride through. Let us try to stick to the stale excrement from this point on.

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DOWN WITH THE MAN!!! He’s just trying to trick you into thinking stale shit is better than fresh shit. That’s just capitalist propaganda!

Sk8rs for FRESH SHIT!!! Sk8rs for FRESH SHIT!!! Sk8rs for FRESH SHIT!!!

ok, sorry, just had to get that out… :slight_smile:

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I’ve only run over dog shit. Also would not recommend :poop:

IMO the best way to clean everything is… BURN it and start a new build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


let it dry. find a mechanic with an air compressor and blow it off. P.S. POINT AIR NOZZLE AWAY FROM YOURSELF!

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haha lol :joy: