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PSA Enertion dual motor kit is more expensive than the sum of its parts

Unless I’m missing something, purchasing all the individual parts of the Enertion dual drive mech kit is cheaper than the drive mech kit itself even with its current sale of $331 USD. The parts themselves are not on sale and total $290.66 USD. The only thing missing are the bearing spacers which I could not find on the site.

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Please categorize your threads.

hmmm i think he is right. i’ll look in to it more when i have time.

Sorry I thought about it but wasn’t sure where it should go

probably not intentional. You should contact them and let them know.

doesn’t the kit come assembled ? in this case the extra should be for the work done. I recognized this also before making a purchase. thought well about it and i came to the conclusion that the extra 20$ would come for the work done. I know it is an easy task but it does take time…from my point of view it is a correct price if it comes assembled. correct me if i am wrong :smile:

Yep, I invited them to this thread.


“this 20 thing is stupid”


I looked into all the kits out there, enertions is a bit more expensive than buying the parts themselves but then again he is running a business and paying employees to do this work, diyelectricskateboards their kit is a bit cheaper than sum of parts