PSA -- measure twice, drill once

Annoyed with myself. Drilled holes for the space cell in haste, in the dark. Basically off by 1/4in side to side and as a result the holes ain’t lining up. Unfortunately, the holes are too far apart and are going to show.

Oh, and also-- if you’re going to buy your own threaded inserts, make sure they aren’t slot head. About half of them broke. Horseshit

Anyhow, it’s all on now but I’m only using 5 of 8 screw holes. Think I’ll be okay until I track down more inserts. :grimacing:

I used t nuts and epoxied the top side so when u grip it it doesnt show

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Yeah I consider this. My deck came pre gripped. At this point I’m okay. I just gotta power thru and get a deck up and gong that I can use. I perfect the art on my second one :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m about to secure my enclosure as well. I’m really scared i’m gonna mess it up for some reason. I’m more stressed about that then I was about making my enclosure from carbon fiber. Go figure.

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How are you going to secure it?

T-nuts seem to be the popular method on this forum. I was probably gonna do that unless somebody has a better suggestion.

That’s a bummer. You could run a strip of LED’s around the enclosure and cover up the extra holes.

most important thing when building up a board? always patience! :smiley:

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