PSA: Vendor policy changes

I recently had a vendor deny a refund by the terms of their return policy. However, the terms they referenced were added after the purchase was made.

I was able to get a refund, but only after opening a claim with PayPal, and PayPal having to make a decision to issue the refund.

Some advice to protect yourself: use PayPal, read and save policies, and take screenshots of all communication.

Since my case is now resolved, I’m not going to name the vendor. Given the vendor’s good reputation, I don’t think they’re malicious. However, they may have just made a series of bad decisions.


who was it that did this?

PayPal recently changed the terms and conditions, so they no longer refund the transaction fee. So the seller is on the hook for 3% if you want a refund. I imagine this will make vendors rethink their return policy


Like I said, I’m not going to name the vendor; that’s not what I want this thread to be about. This is just meant to be a quick reminder to take precautions, which applies to all vendors, on this forum or otherwise.

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Did you send the defective product back? What was the item?


@morrisxyz might want to list the SKU too…

Changes to policies is part of business. Hopefully at least this vendor sent out a written statement, email, or some sort of communication letting their customers know. Because that’s part of the deal. Also. When you purchased, the policy stays the same in regards to refunds, returns, or replacement. It’s like a contract between consumer and seller. So you were good either way minus the hassle it is sometimes. Glad you got your money back dude.

P.S- Your activity on the forum gives that “vendor” away almost. You’re going to get a ton of profile views tonight now that I said this lol.


Why would you do that if he really didn’t want them to be seen tho? Not trying to be an arse, jus saying tho.

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LOL @SeanHacker I just hit the big red staples button that sits on my desk. HAHAHA “that was easy…” Yes it was big red button, yes it was.

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Because I know that it doesn’t matter. 99.9% of the vendors WE choose to keep around here are pretty good at NOT intentionally fucking us over. It was probably just a misunderstanding or the other many things that just happen when dealing with money.

P.S- And we’re not all dumb penises. :wink: