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Psycho60 - belt size?

Hey, wich belt size do i need for the psycho60 mount with a 15T to 36T gearing?
Or someone knows center to center distance from the 2 pulleys with this knid of mount?

Why not ask the man himself? @psychotiller

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Just cause it’s 6:30am in california

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255 length. that’s a 51 tooth. I wake up at 330am

265 (53tooth?) wouldn’t fit? Can’t find 255x15 belts here :confused:

Maybe i’ll go 16mm width, that would be available… but the belt has ugly color-.-
Please tell me center to center distance from the pulleys:)

I’ve spoken to psycho about this, but I can’t for the life of me get the slack to go away on my 255 belt running 16/36 pulleys. The deflection is almost an inch and my belt was brand new. I thought I had it fixed and it was user error, but I was wrong. Going shorter is always an option. No hate towards psycho, probably my error somehow. I still buy stuff off of him.

Center to center distance please tell me! @psychotiller or someone who’s using his mounts

Seriously? I told you the size you need. 51 tooth. It’s called a psycho60 mount for a reason…60mm center to center. Also, it says this info on my website. @Nordle are you reading this thread?

How many teeth does your belt have? Thought you got it figured out…why is no one else having this issue? You need a smaller belt. 1 tooth smaller. That’s 5mm shorter. Get one! This is such an easy problem to solve. Please get a different belt and go riding. And take video

Hello? Can anyone see my posts?

SĂ­, thanx.

going to order these now:
255mm belt
15T pulley
36T pulley
hope it fits and i have something to ride for the next months while building something else surprise^^

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Would it be stupid to go 17T to 40T, and use a slightly longer belt? almost the same ratio, but never seen so far on esk8.

It is, I have two belts on the way. I can’t explain why no one else has this problem. I’ve fiddle with it for hours now, and it’s not rocket science. It rides though!

I’ve done that on a couple of builds. Worked fine.

If you get a chance email me close up, well lit pictures. Let’s get it figured out.

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hmm, the above linked belts only have 1.2mm deep teeth. I assume they aren’t viable?