Psychotiller Enclosure Sale

Looks like Psychotiller is having a 50% off sale on enclosures!


Yup! Thru Christmas.


Thanks for the heads up Bro!

Thanks! Got an enclosure :slight_smile: @psychotiller when do you think they’ll be shipping? i got a flagship.

I have 3 of yours already made!

Shipping today

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How long of period from order to shipping? Kinda in a rush to get one

If you’re in the US. Just a few days

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Any of these work with a vanguard?

May be too flexy for single enclosures. You could buy 2 smaller ones though

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Is the 405 enclosure 7 1/4 from outer lip to outer lip or that’s how wide the actually storage compartment is?

That’s the internal measurements. You’re deck would need to be 9 1/2" minimum width

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So wouldn’t have any way to fit on a 9 inch board?

You could trim the flange down where it overhangs. Or you could look at all of the other enclosures on my site and pick one that fits. Outside of those two options I could make a new mold for you?

I really like the 405. What would a new mold cost me

Usually I charge 80 for a custom mold. I’m doing the sale though…I will do it for $65 if you want a custom “405”. That mold will take me a few days to make though.

Edit- Cost/Time on a custom is too much to discount. Customs will remain $86 shipped

These enclosures are awesome, I have a split low pro and a monolith. Both of which I worked with @psychotilller to modify for my build, so you are in good hands and will find a sick solution no doubt!


How wide are the flanges?

About 3/4", but keep in mind that the enclosure isn’t square with perfectly vertical walls. I give internal dimensions using the internal usable space. That doesn’t count the space inside a sloped or angled sidewall. I have to give you cubed dimensions so you can judge length/width/height. Then before I can add any character/shape to a mold I need to know what the overall footprint we have to work with is.

What kind of battery are you using? How many ESCS (what kind) Any other components you want to fit in there?

6s4p pack with a diy 6s esc

It’s diys 6s4p measures 14" by 6" I need one at least 16 in long and 6" wide