Pt 2 of raptor 2 issues

So moving forward from my previous post

I managed to solder back the connector, and i went for another ride. I was about 5 miles in, and going uphill, when one of the motors failed, braked, and almost caused me to fall if i didnt have quick reflexes. Now whenever the left motor turns it makes an even louder clicking sound than before. I checked the focboxes and cables inside, and everythings working fine, just the motor is busted.

This was my second ever ride on this board…

This is the raptor 2.0 with the silver motors (no copper pipes)

I wonder if this also happens with the 2.1 boards…


Disconnect the motor fully from the ESC and give it a spin, see if it rotates freely. Swap your motors - left motor to right controller output, and vice versa - does the problem stay in the same motor, or move to the other motor?

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Stays in the motor.

Well, a motor is cheaper than an ESC, so that’s a silver lining I guess.

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Lol ive ridden it for 11 miles… a bit early for dropping $300 on replacement parts hm

Well yeah. It’s a very thin and tarnished silver lining. Might be tin instead of silver. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol that’s ridiculous

there are different verson’s of the silver motors btw.

Yea i know thats why i specified that there isnt the copper piping

Sounds like maybe your sensor connector could be losse

Nope its a mechanical error, when i rotate the motor theres a loud sound every 1/2 rotation

Question, when the motors fail will it be possible to install a dual 6374 drive without modifying anything else?

You could use the same battery and ESC to drive two motors and keep the deck, but I don’t think the trucks or wheels would be re-usable would probably need to replace the trucks/wheels and add motor mounts and pulleys. To go dual 6374 I believe in most cases you need either longer than regular trucks or setup the motors on diaganol (one on front trucks one on back, but then long phase wire run to one or both of the motors), have only run a single myself but pretty crazy torque even with that (was 149kv).

Yea i just meant whether the motors would fit without modifying the enclosure

Depends on how you mount the motors? I mean if you mount them backwards off the truck, definitely no problem, or if you are using risers then will add more space between the motor and enclosure, but yah depends on the mount etc. etc. can’t say I’ve seen it done, but don’t see why it would be a problem.

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