Puffy lipo battery Exploding?

so i put my 4s battery compared to my 3s battery and i noticed a huge difference for one extra cells and i have heard of lipos exploding and stuff so do you think the battery is going bad and if so what caused it.

Not sure about yours but I had two 3S lipo’s that I thought were puffing (mostly I was worried because I had shorted them a few times, my fault). anyway I got scared they were going to blow up in my board so i took a hammer and nail and went to work… I learned that it is way harder to get these things to burst into flames than I thought. Even with a nail through the middle all it did was smoke, get hot, make a few sparks… and let of a shit ton of smoke out.

ok so do you think i should get rid of them

They are puffier than mine were. I’d recommend checking the resistance of each cell. If they all are checking out I personally might use them a bit more… but that is just me (if your looking for an excuse to start a fire in your backyard/driveway/deepwell this would be your chance)

When I charge them on a balence charger they all are the same voltage and everything so I’m not sure

you need to check resistance with a meter

How do u check the resistance

Those 4s packs look extremely puffed. If they where mine I would replace them. This is most likely the result of over discharging. Lipos deliver outstanding power for their size and weight however, they are somewhat temperamental. You have to use them carefully. My practice is to not go below 3.4v per cell under load. It only takes one over discharge to ruin a Lipo pack. So remember;



Your balance charger may be able to measure the IR. It’s usually hidden away in the settings

IR is measured in mΩ (1Ω / 1000), which is often too low for a cheap multimeter

Lol ok I will replace them because I really don’t want to have a fire in my house over not wanting to replace $60 batteries

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My multimeter may be to cheap because when ever I do it It blanks out

if you do replace them be sure to smash em with a hammer… you know for science

You can’t check internal resistance of a battery with a multi-meter. You need a specialized meter or a charger with that function

THis is what I use to check Lipo resistance…

i think i see a bit of smoke coming off one in the pic!

@Challlsss did you fully charge them before you did the deed? the smoke is pretty poisonous

No I think it was the Velcro blurred

yeah I did :wink: tynna get a fire. Don’t worry I did it in a small sealed room and filtered out all the air with my lungs of steel