Pull with Dual Diagonal Setup

Hey everyone. So I just finished my first dual diagonal build, two 6374 149 kv motors, dual FOCBOX, landyachtz Evo falcon deck, 107 mm abecs. But, when speeding up or breaking, I’m getting a significant amount of pull. Do any of you have any tips to correct for this? I’m goofy footed with one motor back left, the other front right. Please and thank you.

what control mode are you using?

I’m not sure I understand. I’ve got dual FOCBOXes without CANBUS if that’s what you’re asking.

You had to have programmed it at some point, are you using current, PID, duty cycle?..

I’m using the new VESC tool software, programmed everything through current, didn’t tinker with PID or duty cycle I believe.

Sounds like maybe your belts are too tight then, a video of a bench test from full throttle to neutral would be helpful.

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I can upload that in a bit. When flipped over on the bench, I did notice one motor spinning up before the other, but the belts felt even.

They should be as loose as possible without skipping. If they’re completely stiff, they’re too tight.

Right on, i’ll make that adjustment and give it a try. Could truck tightness effect the pull with the DD setup as well? And what was the setting you were mentioning in VESC tool to program for the DD configuration?

Pull as in it wants to turn right when braking? What trucks are you using?

I have a dual diagonal and it has bad torquesteer, but that’s probably because I’m running split truck angles.

Overall, I deal with the torquesteer and got used to it, because it makes up for that in the sheer amount of traction you have. Dual diagonal is second to none in wet or snowy conditions. Both drive wheels can be skidding or sliding, and each truck still has one wheel steering.

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Have you found any means of lessening the amount of torque steer? i.e. tightening the trucks, loosening the belts, etc? I’m coming from a dual rear setup, so the feeling is completely new and obvious to me.

It had far less before I started running split truck angles. That affected it A LOT.

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Torque steer, is that what you mean?

You want rear heal side, front toe side. I wasn’t sure what you meant in the description.

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Ahhh, I was hoping that wasn’t a possible solution, lol, another hour of swapping motors, but thanks man, hopefully it helps, i’ll let you know.


Narrower trucks reduce it as well

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So tried that, switched the front motor to toeside, rear motor to healside, still a lot of torque steer. I’m considering trying to go back to dual rear, but the 6374s are so wide, I can’t mount them next to each other. Do you guys know of motor mounts or way to get dual 6374s to both fit on the back truck without staggering them.

Are you running bldc or foc?

I’m running FOC. Earlier I was having stuttering issues, but I updated the firmware on my FOCBOXes and it corrected it all. I switched the position of the motors for dual diagonal, but the torque steer is still fierce. Looking for options for mounting both in the back without mounting one facing out and one facing in, but that would probably require getting new mounts and/or trucks.

I had the same issue and the only fixed seemed to be to get used to it… i also went back to dual rear