Pulley and Belt kit purchase Canada

Just seeing if anyone in Canada has found somewhere to buy the pulleys and belts (kit) in Canada. I looked at the 36T ABEC Pulley kit from DIY electric skateboard, but shipping is $40 USD so I would be paying arpund $120 just for the belt and two pulleys. I am thinking I can do better.

Thanks for any advice (also my first post so if I put it in the wrong area don’t hate me too much)

I can offer you a complete drive train (trucks, Motor Mount, Pulleys and a Motor) for 110€ shipped. Just check this thread out https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/sale-trade-various-parts/54522/10

@johnny_261 had some hed be selling for a while and was trying to clear his stock out… Not sure if he still has any but I think he’s located in Canada

Thanks, but I am already buying those components elsewhere. I wanted a very specific setup

Yeah I just bought a set from him last week

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Shipping to Canada should be ~$20 from California to Canada. Janux-esk8.com

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