Pulley bearing question

I have a wowgo 3x which has a bunk bearing. One of the larger ones that’s in the large pulley. It’s a 6903. The 3x didn’t originally have a second 608 in the back of the wheel. Only one on the front, and then this larger 6903.

Basically I just want to get an idea if there’s any reason to not just ditch the larger bearing, and run two normal 608s in the wheel. I test fitted it and it feels fine. No play it seems, looks like the bearings seat nicely on the truck. Just trying to figure out if there’s any disadvantage to the gear that could make it wobble or break. See attached photos.


https://imgur.com/bR28FIX https://imgur.com/LJuELKd https://imgur.com/1eTGz1P

I think its a wobbling issue. Vibrations loosens the pulley overtime. The bearings just keeps it from moving.

I managed to get them fixed up. Opened them and cleaned with acetone and reoiled. Seems to work well now must have had a tiny sand particle in it or something.

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