Pulley for Landyachtz 70mm Mini Zombie Hawgz?

Do these exist? I can easily design my own, just wondering before I do so (to save myself some work)! Thanks!

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never seen these; I assume this is mainly because 70mm is really small for electric skateboarding wheels. this will give you limited if no clearance for the motor mount/pulley/belt.

This is what the look like:


The wheel wells are offset and are essentially a flywheel with an odd shape for the openings.

I meant, never seen pulley for these :slight_smile:

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Make yours mate and share it !

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I do see what you’re saying, though! The traditional pulley would be too big for these, so a smaller one would have to be designed. Once I have the time I’ll post a solidworks render of it!

yeah, check the ground clearance as 70mm is on the low side! happy modeling

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I know someone who used 76mm Zombie hawgs

It is in German however and there is no picture of just the pulley in the thread.

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@maxid : great - seems the wheel clearance is still good with 76mm; not sure with 70mm.

@Jaeger_34 you may not need to match the full core pattern, just drill some holes in the wheel core and use 5mm screws like many people do on some drivers

check this core, it’s even easier !

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This is the only thing I have found…However it looks like he has different wheels with same name, they do not have round holes…

Reviving an old thread, did these ever go anywhere?