Pulley stuck on motor

I’ve just tested my build quickly and my pulley has moved on the motor but now I can’t move it back.

Seems to be stuck in this position. I’ve loosened the screws but it’s not budging. Any ideas?


Heat it up and lightly tap on it as it cools. Soldering iron or heat gun work best.


Thanks I’ll give it a go

Leverage works too . i have a huge flat head screw driver thats 2 feet long and real wide. I heat mine with my soldering iron then use leather gloves and the flat head to gently remove it . dont force it you can Damage your motor.

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Which part do you heat?


Anyone used one of these ?


Use a wide flat head to pry in between the pulley and mount. Alternate sides when prying. You will easily bend the walls of the pulley so be careful

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I just used one of those to pull off my wheel pulley. I have some around for automotive work.

You want to heat the pulley, not the shaft. You could also cool the whole assembly then heat the pulley. This way the shaft could be cooler than the pulley. Heat will expand the metal, both the OD and the ID of the pulley.

You wouldn’t want to heat the shaft as that would make it expand and make your problem worse.

Maybe you could come up with a jack screw plate. Maybe take a big washer and cut a slot out so it looks like a C. Then tap the holes with a bolt pattern symmetrical and with a diameter wider than the pulley. The slot allows you to slip it over the shaft in-between the pulley and motor. Then slowly and evenly screw three screws into the plate. They will push against the motor and apply pressure to the pulley.

I took my g rub screw out and heated the pulley woth the tip of the soldering gun. Is there loctite on the motor shaft?

Yes this is the proper tool to use. Can be found for a couple € on aliexpress

Thanks all, appreciate it

btw if you use a pulley puller, I recommend getting a 2 prong one and grip a half inserted grub screw instead of the pulley walls. The walls bend very easily and you’ll likely end up doing that or pulling the wall off instead of the pulley.

This one works, but the main shaft is bigger than standard 8mm motor shafts so you’ll need to use something as an intermediary to pull the pulley. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ZIZ32W/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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Worst case scenario, take a dremel with a cutting disk on it and slowly cut a groove. If you see sparks, you hit the motor shaft and you are definetely through

I would try the pulley, worked for me before.

Be careful if using a screwdriver to lever a pulley off especially without heat, worst case you could damage the motor bearing closest to the pulley

Puller is best

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Thanks all, wish me luck haha

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I have broken motors thus far trying to remove pulleys. I have tried heat from a heat gun and a propane torch, leverage and a huge amount of force (I’m a pretty damn strong guy, not to brag :muscle:t3::crazy_face:)

What I am trying to say is, just get yourself a feat pulled. I sure as hell wish I had. Can someone recommend a good one for Esk8? Something that can get behind the pulley even if there is only 1 or 2 mm of space behind the pulley?

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metroboard sells the same one


Just to confirm, the middle plunger part has a diameter less than 8mm, right?

Edit: again I need to read the damn thread. This is what I get for posting while walking around the mall with my fiancée.

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Fwiw, picked up one of these pullers from Amazon, and it popped my stuck pulley right off even with red Loctite. I popped off the little piece off of the end of the threaded section, and the diameter of that threaded portion is just under eight mm oh, so it fits nicely inside of the pulley hole. I went with the one made by Lisle, since some of the reviews of the other Chinese ones were less than stellar, and I know these guys have been around for a long time.