Pulley thing missing

Where can I find that little piece that fits in the pulley thats helps locking the shaft? I have order this pulley from alien power systems but it did not come with that piece, just the pulley itself, so now I cannot lock it and I have the esk8 on hold because of this little piece that is missing…


It is called a keyway, and can be found almost anywhere online and cost less than a few dollars. You don’t need it, if you put flat spots on the shaft and secure the Pulley with set acres then you would be fine.

Thanks mate!

I have bought 50 keyway pieces for mistake (they costed a dollar on taobao). I can give you one for free if you pay the shipping.


Have yopu ask APS, if they forgot to ship it ?

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The pulley doesn’t come with anything other than the pulley itself, the details on the product page are simply there to show what the pulley is compatible with, etc. If you contact Bruno @ Alien he should be able to sort you out a keyway to fit, along with the tiny allen key piece that locks the pulley into place on the motor shaft (if the pulley didn’t come with that as well). Hope this helps!


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I didn’t yet contact APS yet. Trying to get one local. Don´t want to wait a couple of weeks to get ti. .)

That sounds awesome. Sure, I will buy a couple plus the shipping.

Pm me your address

its the motor who came with keyway. I was like you went order mount and didn’t get the screw ! theyre sold with motor too …