Pulleys dont fit on Caliber 2 trucks..... please help me

Hi guys,

I have bought a a pulley and belts kit from Ebay for my MBS ALL TERRAIN wheels. However when putting them on my caliber 2 trucks, the hole in the pulley stopped the wheel from going on fully, it needs to be a thicker bore. this caused it to scrape on the truck hanger. I’m in the Uk and not to sure what to buy because i don’t want them not fitting again. i have a 3d printer so maybe i could try printing them. Many thanks in advance


Wait for it…

There should be a few 3D printable pulley for those hubs. The searchbar is your friend. You can also grind down the hangar, or the inside of the pulley, as I’ve done.

Disclosure:I don’t have these hubs, my experience is on regular 83mm wheels

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The eBay kits aren’t reliable. @JLabs has a nice modular kit. He also has both flywheels and kegel adapters.

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Also are we talking just bog standard Caliber II trucks or something with longer axles like TB218? If you have any extra axle space, you can use spacers or washers to help with the issue.

They are standard caliber II trucks



Hey, i have a 12mm 36t pulley for mbs wheels for sale if you just need one?

it’s one from eskating.eu still new never used

How much more room do you need on the caliber truck for the pulley to mount? can you just file it down a bit?

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I was thinking about doing that. however, even the bolts dont align with the holdes on wheels. I have seen the files by Junior potato and was wondering if anyone has had any luck with them…

That only works when its the first reply. But I enjoy your effort.

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Ah I see. Do you have the link to the seller? Recently one of the eBay sellers that’s actually on the Forum got some parts mixed up and people got the wrong bolt patterns on their pullys. He replaced them if I remember correctly

Electricboardsolutions has relatively inexpensive aluminium pulleys here in the EU:

I’m using this pulley with Caliber 2 truck and Flywheels, should fit MBS as well.

This is where I got them from, forgot to mention that even some of the boats didn’t have a hex key space, they had manafacturing faults. Three of them were faulty