Pulleys for these crazy MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

i have a customer who wants a build with these, and i’m inclined to build it.


They look like they have the flywheel clone style cores, so i’m sure somebody somewhere has designed a pulley for them. You know who you are, and i want them. Help a brotha out with some pulleys. I’m hoping to start ordering parts for this build within a week or so, and i’ll be starting a thread on it. Its going to be bright green with yellow accents so it should be like a nasty on road/off road hornet.


I have 107mm flywheel clones and i use these http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:545345, but tooth height is little low.

Could roll you some? Those look very similarly cored to Abecs/clones though?

yes, they do appear to be very similar in the images, although i can’t be totally sure the dimensions are exactly the same of course without buying them. I’m going to buy them anyway, i could loan you a second set to design the pulleys around.

You want to design some for these? i’m pretty sure other people would buy them from you here. Obviously i would buy them from you but i can see these wheels becoming popular for esk8 builds for areas with cobblestone and terrible pavement and packed dirt trails.

Yeah for sure, I’d be keen to do a design if you could loan a set. I’d just need 1 wheel actually. Some caveats about the design though. Will drop you an email about it.

keep in mind i don’t mind chopping trucks. I kind of enjoy it actually, and since i use enertion pulleys on proper Caliber IIs the vast majority of the time i have to anyway.

He made custom pulleys for them…

I’m curious do you think TB’s aluminum pulleys will work on these ?

That’s a good question. Lets ask him.

@torqueboards hey will your larger bolt-through pulleys work with these?

I feel like they will I wanted to put these wheels on my board but a few months ago they were out of stock and this thread just reminded me how cool they were lol

I think I want to put these on my board. If it’s just a plug and play I don’t want to modify it

Haha. I don’t like the idea of chopping trucks. They’re designed that way for a reason :wink:. I can testament to this as my front Caliber is pretty bowed after an experience with a pavement.

My guess is it’ll need longer bolts, and a bunch of spacers but it would work

the core is the same as the enertion wheels, so the enertion pulleys fits exactly in the MBS wheels and if the abecs fit on your trucks, the MBS will too. Torqueboards should work too.

I’ve testet them booth: 97mm 75a Abecs perform better on cobblestone and terrible pavement than the MBS wheels. The MBS look cooler but you get no real advantage, even on dirt trails imho.

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Yeah, they’ll fit. The new pulleys are 12mm width. Except currently we only have a 255mm belt. However, you could still use a 9mm belt. We’ll have a few more options soon.

Unfortunately, we still only have the 36T.

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Don’t the various belt sellers sell custom belt widths?

Beltingonline offers them but the shipping is $40 to the US so not attractive for small orders.

I have asked at Polytech but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

If your running TB’s existing pulley’s they will accept an 11mm belt which is not quite 12mm but still 20% more belt with no other changes in parts.

You could still run 9mm.

I’ve used vbeltsupply.com they have many different belt widths. Just go under synchronous timing belts.

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@cdn Said they tend to crack

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This is interesting. So despite the rounded profile and treat pattern these guys don’t do any better off road than 97mm ABECs?

I’m going to run this by my customer and see what he wants to do. He may decide he still wants them anyway, but 97mm ABECS would be easier to work with i think.

It’s not that much of a difference, both wheels are ok, you should try them yourself. I like the Abecs more because they’re softer (75a), on bumpy roads/gravel/dirt it feels much smother. It may depend on the sort of ‘off road’ you want to go. Have you seen the contact patch on the MBS https://www.instagram.com/p/BACtKEaD26a/?taken-by=eboarding On grass, the MBS will give you more grip, on flat surfaces, you loose grip.

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