Pulleys for these crazy MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

Thanks for this feedback @E-Boarding I’ve wondered how these actually perform. They defintely have an off-road Monster Truck look, kind of like a Tonka Truck. But I couldn’t imagine a scenario where they are much better than regular thane for riding. @longhairedboy maybe your customer could be convinced to try actual pneumatics?

We backed away from pneumies when he found these and we were having a hard time finding some that fit the bill.

Who’s got pneumies and pulleys for them now anyway? I’ve been looking around and can’t find any, but i suspect i’m looking in all the wrong places. Evolve is sold out or i’d just get theirs from thier spare parts shop.

I’m just going to get these MBSs and see what’s up with them. I have plenty of trails i can try them on. They definitely do have a much smaller contact patch on pavement though due to thier rounded profile, which could affect acceleration as well as braking, but i won’t know till i test them i guess.


@longhairedboy the best pneumies are definitely the psychohubs by @psychotiller. Full kit with hardware for $350. Maybe @psychotiller can cut you a B2B deal on them? You’ve gotta admit it would be awesome to see them on a few custom completes!

Evolve had them for sale in their aus shop for a while but they wouldn’t ship to the US from that site. You could send them to one of our Aus friends and then have them reshipped here.

There are of course all of the mountainboard wheels and kits but then you’re not really building a skateboard anymore :slight_smile:


I feel kind of dumb. Of course @psychotiller has the best pneumies!


You could have known that he has the best of everything of all time. :joy:


I used the setup from DIY, turned out pretty well.


Nice! How do you like the wheels themselves? The dirt seems to show it’s riding high w/ only the center in contact - any issues? (contact patch like on a motorcycle tire).

Did you have to space the wheel pulley out at all to fit? I have a set of the 107 flywheels i want to use, just haven’t measured to see what will fit…


@Sboard342 thanks for sharing this! I’m curious, like @sl33py, about these wheels! could you offer your opinion\review?

The wear has been fine so far but only have 10-15 miles so far. I ride on some paths that run thru the forest that have some rough surface patches and this eats them up no problem.

No spacing issues, I just used two wheel spacers to give me a little additional space. I have ordered a second motor and mount and should have it installed by the weekend. We will see if I run into space problems having a second motor on there.

I will post more pictures tonight to show comparison of these wheel with that of Enertion.


To give you an idea of sizing I have Enertion on left, DIY on right. I have not tried mounting the Enertion pulley since it is for a different project but would probably have space issues with a dual setup. I am using 184mm Caliber 2 trucks.


Thank you for posting this! This is exactly what i needed to see. I think i have the perfect motors already for these as well, so a build thread will be coming soon on this one.

Do you have two laying around I could possibly buy or just one? :smile:

I’m probably being annoying by this point but curious if you or s board have one,two, or possibly a set for sale? :slight_smile:

Did u guys notice if those wheels wobbles? mine does… Just got a set, I really like them beside that, more pronounced on 2 of them, and mild on the others 2.

Not yet, but I don’t ride them over 30 km/h. These wheels are not made for speed and not made for electric skateboards.

Good to know, I’ll keep that in mind, I’m not a speed junky anyway lol They just fit perfectly for NYC streets, they roll over, almost everything without causing significant vibrations or making me loose ballance that easy, I’ll give them a try.

Any updates about that built?

I have these on the back, I’m wanting to get these mbs wheels on the front though. Have you noticed any slack from the bearing when you’re stopped? Maybe they’re defective. It could be under warranty! And what speed do they start?

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Not slack at all, was actually really hard to push the bearings in, I had to tap them in gently, not sure if that caused the issue due to the plastic core applying pressure on the bearing itself. Not motor yet, so I’m still pushing it, and it’s so hard to detect vibrations caused by that since the wheels them self are vibrating cause of the design. I just noticed it by spinning them by hand.

Cool wheels, they should be pretty good on the street, right?